Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OHHH MY GAWD Aaaaaargh!


The dentist office just called to remind me of my appointment tomorrow!! How could she think I’d forget, when I’ve been walking around with pain, that while standing out on the balcony, 7 floor’s up, I wondered if I jumped, could it end the pain once and for all!! Sometimes that alternative, seems better then the dentist poking around for two tiny and elusive root canal little channels. The antibiotics did lessen the pain somewhat but still, it’s there as a constant reminder, of the excruciating procedure of what is ahead, which has my mood as foul as…..I can’t think of an explanation of how foul it is, it’s that foul!! Not only have I been in a Extra Strength Tylenol haze, which has me sleeping most of the time, but even when awake in a drug induced stage, making the most simple chores,mindbenders!! I tried drinking a good shot of rum last night, to see if that would help, but it just made me as dizzy as a bat! I was even beginning to look forward to my little trip to hell tomorrow.

So, let me now, lets go back to the dental office phone call, that has now sent me into a jellyfish of fear!! Bill, I hope you are reading this also! Bill, our Survivor pool organizer, called this morning with a sympathy call. Bill is more terrified of dentist, then I am, if that’s possible, but I believe he’s probably on the same level of fear I’m on…so hopefully he reads this, as misery love’s company!! A little off track here again, back to the dentist office call.

The Endodontic office called to reminded me of the appointment….I asked what the procedure being done tomorrow would be, as I was told earlier it was a consultation and I wondered what that entailed….why not just get at it, before I need to be put back on antibiotics, of which I swallowed my last pill yesterday morning. She said, that the dentist will look at it, tap it, feel around it, look at how deep the root is and decide if he can perhaps go ahead by redoing what has been done previously on the tooth, by opening it all up. OR…he may decide it better if he made some incisions down and around the gums, to get to and expose the bottom roots of the tooth and fix it from there, then stitch it up, or even possibly remove the tooth, fix it while OUT of my mouth and replace it into the socket!!!!! WHAT!!!!!

dentist are you ready

If this fellow decides the whole tooth is coming “out of my mouth”, for treatment, then, the tooth is staying OUT of my mouth forever and ever!! I may have found the only means to make me lose weight…….living the rest of my life on soft food that I can’t chew!! The rest of my teeth are staying, but the big chomper will be gone!! I will have to mince my food in the front few teeth!


Why do pictures of dentist always have sadistic little smiles on their faces???

Now, the $$$$ come into play here too and what our extended health will cover, so I guess, that will be another story for tomorrow!!! (That’s why the dentist’s smile!!)

They say the past comes back to haunt you someday and if my Mom and Dad where alive, they’d be telling me that now! Both are probably sitting up there on their fluffy white clouds,snickering as they eat their bowl of yogurt, as I sit and write this little story of what happened in my past!!

When I was in Grade 1 or 2, the school in Owen Sound had some sort of dental plan where the kids went for annual dental check-ups. The school always would have an older student to take us younger ones down the few blocks to the dentist. I was always terrified when they called my name! Off I’d leave, trembling in fear with my “keeper”, out the school yard, down the street, where, all of a sudden, I’d stop her and tell her that I had to pee, and I lived in that house just down that lane, and could I run home, use the bathroom and tell my mom where I was going and could she wait at the end of the lane, as I’d only be a minute. So, while they trusted my sweet little face, up the lane I’d race, sneak like a thief into the house, not making a noise at all and would hide in my bedroom closet for hours, as quiet as a mouse, hoping a knock at the door wouldn’t have my “Keeper” coming to find me. But they never did, as they didn’t know what house I lived in. I’d stay there, until I heard the kids out for lunch break in the schoolyard and I’d sneak out of the closet, and back to school and attend to afternoon class like nothing ever happened. Of course the word got back to my parents the next day, but I was always safe until it got around to my name again in another year. Different “keeper”, same story and I’d get away with it again!!! What a sneak, but oh how, I’m paying for it now!!!!

I wouldn’t be staring down the face of fear and looking at these instruments now!!!

dental tools

The story continues tomorrow!!!! I need prayers…as many as you can fit into your daily day….”Please Lord, don’t let Linda feel any pain….or empty the bank!!!


I really do need you to come with me tomorrow to hold my hand! Can you cancel your plans and come comfort me....maybe Dianne would come too!!! I know you will want to watch everything they do!!!

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