Thursday, April 16, 2009


root canal

It hasn’t been a good day!!! Woke up through the night, with my tooth throbbing, and my ear hurting just as bad!! Got up took some Tylenol, and returned to bed, waiting and hoping the Tylenol would kick in soon. I fell asleep, woke at 7:30, and again, headed straight for the Tylenol bottle, fumbling in pain to get the darn child proof lid off and anxious for some relief as quickly as possible. I took a chance and called my dentist, and sure enough, they have early hours and answered my desperate call, to move my appointment from Friday to today.

This tooth, a huge molar on the bottom has cost me one huge bunch of money back from about 1995! I’ve had many root canals done on it, but there is a problem with the tooth, which is also capped. My dentist in Belleville gave me a letter and x-ray of the tooth from when he last looked at it, so it gave this dentist here in West Vancouver, a heads up what to expect. It seems that there are 3 roots into the tooth. Only one, has been “deactivated” and filled. The other two, can’t be found because they are extremely small, but it’s those little ones, that have to be found, “deactivated” and filled. I have to be sent to a specialist who does nothing but root canals and has this incredible magnifying machine that will allow him to hopefully find those little two canals. The expense is incredible!!! Money up front too!!!

I was hoping when I went to the dentist this morning, that all would be well tonight, but instead, I’m on antibiotics, Tylenol Extra Strength, and armed with an appointment for a $85.00 consultation next week, which will then begin more appointments for the endodontic procedure as they dig VERY DEEP hunting for the elusive roots! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

OUCH to my bank account too!!!!!!!!!

The patio set got put out today, and the deck cleaned up, so, it’s a good feeling that summer can’t be too far away. Our new fridge arrives tomorrow and I can’t wait for that also!!

Tomorrow, I go for a much needed perm….yahoooo! More $$$$

Tonight is Survivor night, and how I love to sit and watch my favourite show with a bag of hot popcorn and a diet pop. Ain’t gonna happen tonight!!

I took a few pictures while out today, so here they are!! Beautiful eh?

P1050137 P1050138


Now for a special request!! Would everyone reading this PLEASE say a prayer for my sister-in-law, Wanda, who is undergoing breast cancer surgery tomorrow. Please God, keep her safe and make her well!!

My thoughts will be with you all day tomorrow Wanda!!! Sure makes, my problem very inconsequential doesn’t it!!!

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