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Oh what a night of fantastic music and song!! Thank you Lisa and Mike for this wonderful birthday gift, of a night Tom and I  will always remember.

Here are a few reviews from the newspaper this morning, one of which I included myself!!


April 20, 2009 - 9:45 AM


Mr.. Cohen & the band showed that you can have a very fine listening experience in a large venue. And a highly emotive one at that... I laughed & I cried (Bird on a Wire) & I sat memorized (In My Secret Life). One could hear a pin drop during most of the songs. He shared his exquisite & delightful soul and showed us that he's a child at heart...he skipped and twirled on and off the stage! He spoke about what an honour and a privilege it was to play for us. It was an honour to be there.


April 20, 2009 - 7:43 AM


I have been to many concerts, but nothing like the spectacular Leonard Cohen gave us last night! So many well deserved standing ovations, and beautiful music and songs, poetry and laughter. Just when you thought that sadly the performance was going to end, out he came skipping onto the stage to give us more and more of absolute pleasure. It's a show not to miss and worth every dollar. I was a fan before, but how I love Leonard Cohen even more now!!! Bravo!!!!


April 20, 2009 - 10:58 AM


I've been waiting to see Leonard Cohen for years, his concert exceeded all my expectations. Not only was his performance incredible, the back up singers, technicians and the band amazing but his ability to create such an intimate atmosphere in a sports arena the size of GM Place is testament to his superior talent. Who else provides this level of entertainment for 3 hours, Leonard you are indeed "The Man".


April 20, 2009 - 11:06 AM


Leonard Cohen is magic.



If anyone out there reading this, has a chance to see this fantastic concert, do yourself a favour and DON’T MISS IT!!! GM place was packed to capacity, and the applause was loud and long, with many standing ovations for this incredible man. Sexy at 74 years of age and only gets better as he ages.

I called Lisa during intermission…9:30 PM our time, 12:30 AM Ontario time! She wasn’t too thrilled, but what the heck, she paid a huge price for these tickets, and I wanted her to know  “in the moment” how exciting it was!!

Saturday, we went to Tom’s Great-Grandson’s first birthday…how time goes by so quickly!!


The Birthday Boy and cute as can be!


Grandma feeding a hungry little boy!

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Everyone gathered round Byron to sing Happy Birthday. He didn’t like all the attention and broke into tears! He’s so cute!!


Stopped crying for a moment to look at his cake that had a monkey face. Happy First Birthday Byron!

P1050158 Byron and Auntie Meredith.

My tooth continues to ache and my antibiotics are finished, and the Extra Strength Tylenol continues to be my constant companion. It’s wearing me out, and although, I dread Thursdays consultation…..why a consultation for $85.00 ?? Just get to work at fixing the darn thing!!! $$$$$$$  I never quite understand why repeat appointments must be made! I want it fixed NOW!!! Keeping awake with attempting to keep the pain at bay is a downer for sure!!

Another thing I almost forgot to mention….remember the new fridge we had to wait two weeks for? The delivery truck pulled up on Sat., and like two kids, we where at the window watching them unload. I went out on the deck, and ohhhhh noooo, they brought the wrong fridge!!! I yelled at them to put it back in the truck, it was the wrong fridge!! Then, got on the phone to Sears, and they said, I should have kept the fridge, as it will be another two weeks until we can get the one we wanted. So, they contacted the delivery truck for us and brought the fridge back, so we can use it until ours arrives, which has now been scheduled for this Saturday, so again, we will have to clean out this fridge, move all the furniture out of the way AGAIN, and start over. Oh the trials and joy’s of life!


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