Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Well, this blog isn’t as interesting at Leonard Cohen’s, but this was out day into Vancouver to pick up our income tax papers from the accountant. The sun was shining and it seems whenever we have to go over town, it’s raining, so it was a nice change!

Pretty tree’s and flower’s blooming everywhere, and it’s truly a very beautiful city.

Here’s what I snapped this morning.


P1050182 P1050180  P1050183 Some shots of down town. One a reflection of another building in another. The beautiful trees in bloom.



Tom decided, I needed to do some heavy praying that my toothache goes away soon, plus some other problems on my mind, so in we went into a little church, where I prayed for Wanda, my tooth and upcoming root canal, our tax bill, Tom’s health, the world, and everything else that popped into my head, that I could think of!! 

P1050166 P1050169 P1050171


A cute little church with beautiful stain glass windows. The window on the left has been recently done and installed and Tom wanted to go have a look at it. See the little dog in the lower left had corner of the stain glass. Hard to see, but his little head is there.


It was a nice morning, and we had lunch downtown.

Always good to get back out of the rat race of traffic and home again.

That was our day!!

Laundry to do, supper to make and check out what’s on TV and back into bed. The time goes by so quickly, you wonder where the hours disappear so fast…but they do!!!

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