Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guttin- Lombard or Guttin d' Lombard

For the past week, my new found second cousin and I have been racking our brains going through family names on my fathers side, and quite frankly I think we are both mind boggled by it all. We've had letters, documents and phone call's to other relatives going back and forth and we are getting somewhere, but I thought maybe if I posted this on my blog, maybe a Guttin, will pick it up with more information.

WE are looking for anyone connected or related to my Great-Great Grandfather, Adolph Regis Guttin, born 1836 and Joesph Andrew Guttin, his brother who came from Moirans, France.
The name was shortened to Guttin, when they came to Canada and settled in Owen Sound, Ontario

Also any information on Elizabeth Hunter Saunders, and her father Andrew Saunders, born in Scotland, and buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Owen Sound
Jane Little and family.

So, short blog tonight, with the hope if I put this information out there, hopefully one day, someone will be looking for the same information and Google with pop up with my blog.

Back tomorrow night.

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  1. Hi !

    Guttin-Lombard is the name of my mother
    I made many studies about this family
    see my genealogy on this site :


    I just know that, About 1800, the half part of the Guttin-Lombard move to Moirans, from Chirens.

    I have a lot of information about our family. I'll enjoy to give you all the information you need.

    my e-mail : rlayat@gmail.com

    or remi.layat@snclavalin.com


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