Monday, May 25, 2009


little duck

This little guy can drive you nuts, in about 10 seconds, so I’ll make the print big, so he disappears out of sight quick!

That didn’t work, so, I’ll put picture on here!


This is a picture of a willow chair I made. I made it a few summers ago, that was one weekend long, from 9am-5pm, that left me with a very sore back, sore hands and totally exhausted and said “never again!” But, I am very proud of my chair, which is now in Ontario at my daughters.

I’ve always loved doing crafts and I think I got involved with every new fad that ever came along, from macramé, flower arranging, paper tole, decorative painting, knitting, crocheting, dried flower wreaths and hats, sewing, refinishing furniture, and probably a few more, I’ve forgotten about. I’d get so involved with each craft and wasn’t happy until I had all the bells and whistles that went along with it. Someday, I’ll do a collage of all the pictures and crafts I’ve done and show you.

Tom is doing great, he’s in street clothes now instead of his pj’s and robe, and shaved and looks good. He has some bad moments, has a hard time sleeping at night and may be napping too much during the day. What bother’s him the most is the staples still in his leg, which will come out tomorrow when our Doctor comes here to visit him!! Rare to have a doctor visit you, instead of going to his office eh? Nice doctor!!

He’s walking lots and eating well, however he has lost weight which he’s happy about.

Nobody told me in all the literature that they gave us at the hospital regarding his home care, that he would get grouchy!! Sheesh, I was looking out for what they said may be depression, but he doesn’t have that, but I get snapped at now and then.

I laughed at him this afternoon, after he had me jump up for the 3 or 4th time to get him something and I shouldn’t have, but I rolled my eyes. He said…”Aww, Linda, by the time I get over this, the only person who will love me is me!!!”

It’s good he has such a good sense of humour and can always make me laugh!

When I was out this morning, getting his hearing aids cleaned, I stopped up to my dermatologist office in the same building, to ask if they had an appointment for me yet, that my doctor sent for in late January. I had been forgotten, so she put me right in, and I’m sitting here with a ugly, raised sore on my face where he gave it a couple of many long blasts of freezing spray. He decided, he wanted to do a complete check all over my body….which I had NOT thought I’d be having! How embarrassing!! I had on my oldest bra, wouldn’t you just know it!! Always happens!! He even had me lower my under pants to check my cheeks. Gosh, no sun has ever shone done there!!! Anyway, we both got through it, me with embarrassment, and him having to look at me in the nude!! Poor fellow!!!

Then I bought some plants on the way home, some big geraniums, a sunflower, that I hope grows big and brings the little sparrows to pick the seeds in the Fall, and also one tomato plant that produces, a couple of juicy fresh tomato’s!

sunflowers and birds

I cheated and had some phony sunflowers in a pot that I bought from Michaels Craft Shop and the birds would actually come and check them out. Then pay me back for fooling them and would poop on the patio!!

They sure kept my cat entertained from the other side of the patio door!!

Okay, see you guys tomorrow!!

I have to go make dinner….blah…hate cooking!!

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