Thursday, May 28, 2009


recovering from heart surgery comic recovering from heart surgery 2

The patient is getting better and better with each passing day! Two days ago, his leg stitches came out and it seem to be a big turning point for his pain and his humour that was slipping away, which made me sad to see.

However, yesterday, we had a quiet day at home, with both of us doing lots of snoozing. We both just seemed worn out!

Today, Tom was able to have a full shower, which was like heaven for him, it lifted his spirits, and then off we went for our walk around the block, and all the time, I’m watching his breathing and trying to get him to slow down a little, as he was walking much faster then he was in the past! So, as he walked, I got him to recite “Mary had a little lamb”, and he went through the whole verse and was able to talk and walk with ease!. He gets a big gold star!!

Then we went off in the car, with me driving, but it was in an area where I knew where I was going, so no problem, and we went for a nice breakfast, and then after that, to our favourite haunt, the Library! He sat and read the paper while I grabbed another arm full of books and by that time, he was ready to call it quits. So, back home  was ready for a snooze!! He did wonderfully well today, and I’m so pleased for him. He has to carry a little pillow with him, in case he has to cough or sneeze, so he can hold against his chest to avoid pain. They gave him a big red cushioned heart for that reason, at the hospital, but it looks kind of ridiculous, when we go out, so he trades it for a wee pillow.

Right now, the patient, just waited on the nurse (me), and got me a drink of ginger ale!!  so, he’s definitely improving!!!

While Tom was snoozing, I went off to the Mall for a little walk. It’s a beautiful day and more warm, summer weather all week! Everything is looking up again!


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