Saturday, May 23, 2009


I'm late, I'm late

My date is with you! I was too tired yesterday to bother with the blog, so gave it a skip.

Not really much to tell you about, except Tom now feels like he’s been hit by a Mack truck!!


He’s pretty weak still, but trying hard to gain back his strength and we even went for a little walk outside in the glorious sunshine, this morning. He went exactly 270 steps!! Sounds like nothing eh? Well they told him he’d be up to 300 steps in two weeks, so he’s doing great!

He’s not sleeping well and is often up and sitting in the reclining chair and sleeping. Then he wanders back to bed again. Just hard to get comfy I suppose.

The little red heart cushion is what they gave him at the hospital to hold against his chest whenever he has to cough. He’s not without it!! It helps quite a lot. he hasn’t gotten into one of his sneezing fits that makes him sneeze really hard, at least 12 times in a row.bear hugging a heart

If he feels a sneeze coming on, he panics for his pillow!!

I went for a little walk this morning, and took a few pictures, which I’ll share here, but I’m going to have to learn to take more then just flowers, but I can’t resist the beautiful colours and out comes the camera. I’ll have to head the other way towards the beach and snap sunned and tanned half naked bodies laying on the beach! Yes? No?

I think not!


P1050484 P1050464


For some reason, I love the look of old, sun bleached old stumps, that washed in from the sea, one day long ago.


P1050483 P1050492

A couple of resting places, one of two cement chairs. No need to chain or bolt these seats down!!


This is the start of Ambleside Park and the start of seeing many,many families, setting up lawn chairs and taking out dishes of food that smelled so good!!


The family picnics reminded me of the ones we would have at Sauble Beach, Ont. or Harrison Park in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Great times!!! Wonderful memories. That’s my uncle Jack on the left, the boy, I don’t know who it is, then my Aunt Irene , the two boys in front of her is my brother Michael and my brother John. Standing on the right is my Aunt Colleen and I’m holding the ball.

Fun as children at the beach

P1050488 P1050494

British Columbia’s provincial flower …The Dogwood Tree.


 Then I wandered though a public garden where you rent a spot (I think that is how it goes) For all the apt. dwellers who miss gardening.

Look at that rhubarb, how big it is already! Lots of flowers and vegetables popping up from the ground. I should maybe think of doing this, as I do miss garden fresh, grown huge beef steak tomatoes!! We usually get those hard old tasteless hothouse tomatoes shipped in from the States that the grocery stores have contracts with for fruits and vegetables year round. We do have a wonderful friend who sometimes gives us a couple from his garden, and oh boy, do I love a toasted tomato sandwich made from them!! Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

Well, it’s time for me to get off here and do something else. Sherry and Humo in Australia, we got your wonderful Skype message and also a note from Ken in New York. We will answer soon. Wonderful to hear from everyone!! Sherry, you are a sweetheart!!!


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