Monday, May 11, 2009


a little birdy told me Well, it’s about time, I got back to serious blogging and told you about a few things happening on the West Coast!

My tooth is great now, no pain, still on antibiotics, and still have to have it capped, but other then the expense, it’s a piece of cake!!

Mother’s Day with my West Coast family was wonderful and very touching!! It was a beautiful sunny day and we were able to sit outside soaking up the rays and having a nice visit at Meredith and Dave’s beautiful home. Meredith is Tom’s daughter and my step daughter!!! I hope not the “mean” step-mother!!! We were invited for brunch and delicious it was!! It wasn’t the usual large group of family that are usually at these get-togethers, as the rest of the family had mothers and places to be as well. Joan, my other step-daughter also came and I got a lovely present and flowers from Meredith and Dave. Martin, my son in law, was away on his motorcycle and stopped in Princeton to call me on my cell phone to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day!! I was extremely touched, he’d do that and take the time. I’m one very fortunate lady to have such love from my “other family!'’ It was a wonderful day and many thanks to all of them!!

P1050388 Meredith and Dave’s lovely home.

P1050392 P1050390 P1050391 It was just a little hot out there, so Meredith rounded up hat’s’ for us to wear. We all look like idiots!! Tom didn’t  care what he looked like as long as he wasn’t squinting into the sun!! Isn’t he cute!! Become’s him eh?

P1050394 P1050387  Of course I heard from my own two daughters in Belleville, and it made me cry to hear their voices, when we are so far away especially on this day! I love you kiddo’s!!

Because, I found this recipe on the net for Butternut Squash Curry, I copied it out, because it looked easy to make and Tom loves anything with curry! So, when we left Meredith and Dave’s we went down to the Punjabi Indian Market, for the stuff to make it. Darn….now, I have to cook it!!! While we where there, along came the NDP Candidate for British Columbia, and her campaign bus, so I got some pictures of her. I was right in with the big CBC and CTV camera’s, and was trying hard not to look like the idiot that stands and waves and grins and tries to get in the shot behind the candidate. However, we had to check out the TV news that evening to see if I had hit the “big time!” I didn’t!!! Thank goodness!!!! I just don’t think I could deal with Hollywood wanting me for that special part right now!!

I certainly hope she takes back BC from that crook Gordon Campbell!!!! Gosh, have I become political???

P1050402 P1050403 My moon shot over the Lions Gate Bridge, rounded off the day!!!


Now for the biggest news of all!!! On Wednesday (day after tomorrow), Tom goes into the hospital for heart surgery!

So far, we are hoping and praying it’s for angioplasty and maybe some shunts put into his two narrowing arteries that has been causing him much problem these past few months in being difficult for him to  be able to catch  his breath with the least exertion. So, I’m asking everyone to keep him in your thoughts early Wed. morning and say a few prayer’s that the procedure goes without a hitch and I have him home and recovering quickly.

I have more pictures and stories  of different things over the past few days, but I’ll quit now, and go read my book, while I know nearly everyone else, almost everywhere, is plunked in front of the TV to watch the hockey game!

Go Canucks!!!!


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