Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The moon

As most of you know by now, the main focus in our life right now is Tom and his upcoming heart surgery tomorrow. Tom’s  just anxious to get it over with and I’m just anxious!! Although, I know he is strong and has not had heart problems in the past, and otherwise in good health, so underneath all my anxiety, I do know he will be fine and on the mend and back to the life we have enjoyed before his heart began to rob him of energy and breath. However, just the same, please keep your finger’s crossed and the odd prayer or two, sure wouldn’t hurt!

I’ve already had many friends and family sending get well wishes to him and we do appreciate them so much!

I’m going to include some of those friends in this blog,that have brought us up to date with what is going on in their life.

First from Ollie and Lois, who we met on our first cruise through the Panama Canal. We enjoyed fun times trying to win at Trivia Pursuit and collecting those “Dam Dollars”. Some people you meet on these trips remain friends forever, and we are so lucky to kept connected.

This is the latest adventure Ollie and Lois have been on that sounds very interesting with great pictures!!!

Linda and Tom,

Linda, we read your blog about the tooth and were about to send you a message of sympathy when we saw that you had recovered. Glad to hear this.

So Lois wanted to let you know about our latest "ride about". We headed for the Navaho Nation in Northern Arizona to see Monument Valley. It is truly a land of contrast, rather stark with beautiful cliffs and monoliths rising out of the ground. We had to have a Navaho guide who took us in his open air vehicle down the side of a mountain and at the bottom we stated on this "road?" that looks more like a rock "cow path". We stopped at all of the wonderful spectacles and he gave us the names history and Navaho lore connected to each one. We also stopped at a place called John Ford's Lookout which was the overlook where the Indians on horses were always shown high above looking down at John Wayne and the Cavalry below .  Had a rare opportunity to go into a Navaho Hogan and see great grandma in native dress carding wool to make thread for the Navaho rug she was working on. It was at this Hogan that we learned all about the matrical society of the Navaho people. We learned that you must always enter through the door which always faces East and progress clockwise around the Hogan. To the Navaho this represents the circle of life, you enter as a baby and progress around the Hogan through adulthood to old age and death. As we continued on we had to ford a river to see more exquisite beauty. Following four horses as they grazed down the "road" unattended and unbothered by our truck. Our journey came to an end as the truck we were riding in drove up the side of the mountain.  We were so awe inspired by God's beauty that we wanted to share some of our photos with you.

Photo attached. First is a wide view of the Valley, then a photo of Navaho grandma in her Hogan and finally a photo of her Hogan, the mud mound on the right.

What interesting pictures eh? Such an amazing world we live in with so much beauty everywhere!!

   Lois and Ollie's trip



Next, we go to Carol and Jack, that we met heading to Alaska! Carol was my life savior when I had forgotten my camera charger and the photo department didn’t have one to help me out. I think I had asked almost everyone on the ship if they had a battery charger for my Lumix Panasonic Camera, but nobody did! I had given up hope of being able to take pictures on this fantastic trip, when who joined our dining table one evening and set her camera on the table beside her!!!  It was Carol and Jack! The same camera and she had a charger, and she was so kind to leave the table, right there and take my battery to her room and had it charged for me before dinner was finished!! Also she gave me her room number to get it charged any time I needed it!!! We had met new friends, that have stayed in touch! Wonderful!! Carol wrote this morning with well wished for Tom and also two picture’s from her camera! One a new car, and another of her beautiful flower!!!

Just checked your blog (5/11 edition), since I haven't had any emails from you lately.  Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day, indeed.  You don't know what "hot" is, tho, until you've been down here in the southern sun!  But the hats were cute.  I'll have to send you pix of my newest additions.  I've gone daylily crazy and trying to get "sporty" as I approach my supposedly more "mature" years.  Ha!

And all our best to Tom as he undergoes surgery Wed.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you both.

Love and light,


Carol from Alaska Cruise

Nice car Carol!!! Suits you well!!!

Carol's flowers

My, OUR CAMERA takes great pictures eh????? Beautiful flowers!!!P1050416

Yesterday, we had our monthly fun lunch with Bill and Dianne (above) and we went to a restaurant, I have forgotten the name and I just asked Tom what it was called, only 10 minutes ago…..I’m at that age eh? Can’t remember anything for longer then 10 seconds!!

But it was great, fabulous menu, and great company. Dianne also brought some delicious scones to share and a CD of Leonard Cohen’s concert that we went to recently!!  I’ve nearly worn the cd out already!! Love it!!! It’s called Leonard Cohen, Live in London. It’s absolutely fantastic!!!


It was pouring rain when we came out, then all of a sudden it cleared up, but I still had my rain coat on and a sweater underneath that made me look like the Goodyear Man!


I loved their sign!! Lovely tulips!!


Now, we are heading around the world again, to visit with a few more pictures my friend and very talented man, Ali Shahidi. He has sent me a few more pictures of his very colorful artwork, and I’ve been promising for some time now to put them on the blog, and just didn’t get around to it, so now’s the time! I featured some of his work earlier, so if you didn’t see it before, go have a look!! Talent Galore!!!


Ali, also sent me some of his lovely poetry, but due to my inept at keeping good files I can’t find them!!! I’m sorry Ali!!




That’s it for tonight!!! Hope you enjoyed a little trip with friends, here and there!! More tomorrow, on Tom’s day!!!


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