Tuesday, May 19, 2009


home sweet home

You have no idea, how thrilled we are that Tom is coming home tomorrow!! He can hardly wait to get out of that hospital, as it’s a horrible place to be when you are feeling wonderful!! That’s how Tom is feeling….absolutely wonderful, and all of us are in awe of the powers of medicine, not to mention the positive thoughts and many prayers that were sent our way! Our thanks to everyone out there for all your help!!

It’s been one very, extremely stressful and scary week. But, it’s time for healing now, and Tom is healthier then he’s ever been and his surgeon said today, he could live to 100 if he wants to live that long!! He’s heading for 106 years old!! I hope he makes it, but doubt if I’ll be around to see it!! I’ve no desire to live that long, UNLESS, I’m healthy with my mind intact! I find that hope very doubtful!

I’ve had and have a terrible fear of driving in Vancouver. I’m fine on this side of the Lion’s Gate bridge, but get me into that very wild and crazy world of fast drivers, no proper signage, and so much construction in the city and I become paralyzed with fear!

My daughter asked me the other day, “What happened to my mother that used to go in car rally’s, win a few of them, and showed no fear at driving through Toronto, Montreal, and from the whole of Ontario from North to South and East to West, and not give it a thought!!”

My answer….I’ve gotten OLD, I’m full of fear, I haven’t the nerve I once had, I’m forgetful, and I’m a wimp!! How we change eh?

After I left the hospital and got home, Tom called with amazement at a beautiful bouquet of flowers that had just arrived for him. I was to guess who, but drew an empty every time!

They are from two wonderful friends we met on the Antarctica cruise, Dean and Pauline. Two of the nicest people you could ever meet!! We are both blown away by your kindness, and Tom will be in touch with you when he gets himself settled. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!!! Wow…incredible people!!!

So, tomorrow he will rest and be comfortable at home sweet home, with a loving wife catering to his every need…….we’ll see how long that lasts!! hahaha

More later….

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