Wednesday, May 20, 2009


spring birds 

How wonderful to have Tom home again! I must admit though that when I knew he was okay after the surgery, I did sort of enjoy a little different pattern in our lives. No meals to make for one, I had the TV remote to myself for another, and I could go to bed and have the whole bed to myself and I never got a poke in the ribs once all night for snoring!! But, really, it’s a wonderful thing he came though this surgery so well! When I think of the alternative, I shudder!!

This is Tom yesterday with his pillow held to his chest for when he coughs. You can always tell a heart patient by the pillow they cling to.



 Tom at home today, showered and has shaken off that horrible hospital smell, and feeling on top of the world!


These are also the BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers from Dean and Pauline, that have surprised and pleased both Tom and I to no end!! We just don’t know how to thank you for your  kindness! As you turn the basket around it has many different flowers, and all so beautiful!


Balloons and CakeHappy Birthday to my Sweet Granddaughter Sarah, who is 11 years old yesterday!!

Your gift is on it’s way Sweetheart!

Happy 17th birthday to my Grandson Brad whose birthday is today! Your gift is also on it’s way. Sorry I’m late this time, but you both know why! I was pretty busy with my mind on Tom this past week.

Brads bd

Also, hello to Bill at Bayview Motor’s in Belleville!! I hear you are a faithful reader!! Say hello sometime and thanks for following along.

Also today, I heard from a relative, that we found out we share the same great-grandparents, that I knew nothing about. We are still working out how that happened, even though there was nothing sinister or strange, just one branch of the family that fell away from the other for one reason or another. So, it’s exciting to learn more and apparently she has it traced the history back to the 1600’s or there about! Wow!!

shamrock and thistle

I think there is lots of Irish from my mother’s side, but it’s beginning to sound like there’s more Scottish then French on Dad’s side!!!

So there Tom!!!


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