Thursday, May 21, 2009


lazy bones

Compared to last week, this week as of today is restful and oh, so much less stress!!

Tom has been snoozing off and on, and getting his health back. I’ve been doing zip! Just relaxing, and playing on the computer

We did take a little trip out, and Tom came with me in the car, just for some change of scenery. I just went for his favourite grain bread at the bakery, then to the Library so I could pick up a book I had requested by Lawrence Hill, called “Any Known Blood”. This is the book he wrote before he wrote the best seller book called “Book of Negroes”. I took all my 7 books I had checked out, back to the Library which where all unread!! Just couldn’t get into a reading mood!

I think I ate instead! When I get nervous I eat, when I’m sad, I eat, when I’m happy, I eat, when any mood hits me….I eat!!

The sun is out full on the deck, so we have just finished dinner, and now heading out for some of nature’s Vitamin D. Of course, I’ve got lots of sunscreen on and have to wear a wide brim hat, but it’s the kind of weather we’ve been waiting for, so off we go.

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