Friday, May 15, 2009


thumbs up

It’s a GOOD DAY!! Tom, was very successful in coming though with flying colours, a quadruple bi-pass this morning in about a 3-4 hour operation.

When I arrived this morning, about 6:30 am he was in his usual upbeat, happy humour, after having what he said was a very good sleep. They had him all scrubbed for surgery and he sat and talked with his daughter Meredith and myself, until they came with the stretcher.

As he was wheeled down, I knew he had many fearful thoughts going through his head, and rightly so. He was heading down for extremely serious surgery at an age, where surgery is not a good thing to have!

We were allowed into see him in intensive care after surgery, and our first reaction was that of shock and tears. Oh, what a scary sight with all those tubes and machines going. Of course, I took a picture!! However, until I have Tom’s permission to show it on here, I’ll have to wait to put it on the blog.

It’s now 2:36 pm, and I’m home, and made the drive through Vancouver without any incidents. Every Vancouverite is now safe to hit the trails this weekend, as I’ll be taking the bus for the next few days. It doesn’t get any easier for me either! I HATE driving in the city!!!

I think the possibility of him coming home will be Thursday. Then everyday, will be one step closer to life being back to normal and feeling good again for him…and me!

Thank you everyone for your great support, of E-mail, phone calls, and prayers!!  He will get to read them all when he gets back home and will be very surprised how everyone was so concerned for him.

More later…I’m going for a snooze! I’m exhausted!!!

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