Thursday, May 14, 2009



Hi everyone, with the latest on Tom’s upcoming quad bi-pass, which will take place at 7 am tomorrow morning. We are so relieved that they won’t be waiting until after the long weekend to operate.

For someone with a heart in such bad shape, his colour is great, his cheeks has a nice rosy glow and he looks very healthy, and his humour is very much intact. His attitude is very positive, although there are moments when I can hear and see and feel his fears.

He’s had so many pokes and prods in his body today and has blood thinner going into his veins constantly.

I had a wonderful offer for a ride to the hospital door this morning, from one of our neighbours in the building, which for me was a Godsend, as driving in Vancouver is NOT my forte!! She pointed out all the bus route stops along the drive there, so now, I have a better idea how to get myself to the hospital by bus, which will be much easier for me and much safer for the other people on the road! I’m terrible driving in the city!!!

Tom’s sister Isabelle and husband Ken drove me home and out for dinner which was lovely of them.

Tomorrow, I WILL drive myself, as I’m leaving at 6 am..hardly anyone will be on the road and many parking spots available when I get there! So, if anyone from Vancouver will be on the road tomorrow afternoon when I return home, keep an wary eye out for me!!

Tom’s daughter and his sister will be there with me tomorrow. Lot’s of support!

I’m heading to bed now, in a lonely house, it’s not the same without him here.

I’ll let everyone know tomorrow, as soon as I can, how he made it though. I’m feeling positive the news will be good!!

Night night!

PS…I was going to put a scanned picture of his own diagnostic report of his heart that show’s the many blockages, but I’m just too tired to do it tonight. It’s an amazing and very scary looking report!!!

Thanks everyone for your email!! So very much appreciated!!

With much love



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