Saturday, May 16, 2009


bear hugging a heart This is day one of Toms surgery for quadruple surgery. Time approx. 10:30am May 15/09

After surgery

This is the day after Tom’s surgery, approx. 12 hours later.


Can you believe how good he looks after coming through that. At 7pm the evening of his surgery, he was sitting up, and called me on the phone and he sounded wonderful! No pain, cheerful and so happy it was over! Amazing man!!!!

He’s back in a room now, and they will have his walking later this evening. His only complaint is where they took the vein out in his leg, which has a nagging ache. Otherwise, he’s doing fantastic. The nurse’s just love him, and he has them laughing and joking with him, and him with them, all the time. They hated for him to leave the CSICU unit and they all came out to say goodbye to him and promised to meet for a reunion next March 17th, for St. Patrick’s Day at Dublin Crossing. (A couple nurses happened to be from Ireland.)

He’s had so much fun, teasing and joking with the nurses, that one nurse told me that one of Tom’s laughing comments was “I never knew cardiac surgery could be so much fun!”

That nearly put all them into stitches from laughing so hard!!

He only has a small bit of pain medication, most of the tubes are removed and by tomorrow, the rest will also come out.

I am so lucky to have a wonderful neighbour who took me over to the hospital this morning at 9:30. I left the hospital at 3PM, as his family will be soon arriving for a visit and he needed to get some rest. It is just a short walk down Burrard Street to where I catch the bus home, so no more will I risk mine and everyone else’s life, driving the car!!


St. Paul’s Hospital

So, now, I’m home, made myself a nice orange smoothie and going now to enjoy the sunshine on the patio and just relax!

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