Wednesday, May 6, 2009


lost for words

I’m back for now, however still not feeling great with this tooth and the infection, plus the change of medication, and so many different high power drugs in my system, that I feel quite “WONKY” at the best of times.

I spent the whole weekend in bed, in much pain with a cold compress pressed to my face. Finally called the dentist and they changed all the medication and it was almost instant relief when I switched. The first antibiotic just wasn’t doing the trick, nor was the Tylenol. In fact the infection has spread down along my bottom jaw line and couldn’t even bare to touch ANY of my teeth with even my tongue!  I still have tooth pain, but it’s manageable now but still remains a dull ache.

Tomorrow, I go back again to the Endodontist for the second session. They called this morning to see if I could come an extra 1/2 hour earlier to be able to spend more time then the two and half hours it took last time.  So, I expect another week like the last week……but maybe I’ll be wrong and it will go more smoothly. It’s been one hell of an ordeal!! Why can’t I have normal root canals and not ones that are turned to calcium and for the dentist it’s like clearing out stones, and for me….it’s hell and then some, but he keeps me pretty frozen, however, I still sit very tense waiting for a shot of pain to send me through the ceiling.

When infection develops in your system, it can really play havoc and can be quite serious should it spread everywhere. Right now, I’m sort of okay, but heading back to bed. I think it’s the medications doing me in. I just need to be in the prone position and hopefully sleeping!!

So, hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you about my ordeal tomorrow and there will be better days ahead!!!

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