Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Short blog tonight. Just wanted to let everyone know that Tom’s angioplasty did not go well. He is in the hospital as a priority case for Triple Bi-Pass Surgery! He has so many blockages, some 100%, some 90%, 80%, and on it goes, that I’m truly amazed he hasn’t had a heart attack before now.

We don’t know when the surgery will take place as they are trying to get a heart surgeon and a team together as soon as possible. The nurse didn’t think it would be tomorrow, possibly on Friday, but with the long weekend happening, it may not be until next week.

He’s wired up to tubes and blood thinners and is comfortable and still is the  usual upbeat, positive self that he always is, joking with the nurses and making them laugh. He’s already their pet!!

It was an outcome that left us pretty stunned, as it wasn’t expected, although over the past few days, Tom has said a few times, that he feels it’s going to be worse then just a stent put in to open the arteries. He was feeling pretty lousy. He was so right!

It’s not the same without him here, but I’m exhausted from the stress of the day, and just don’t have the energy to reply to everyone’s kind E-mails of good wishes for Tom, so instead, hopefully, this will suffice for now. I’ll keep everyone up to date with each passing day on what the next step is.

Just another small tidbit….my tooth is aching again!! Can things get worse?????



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