Sunday, July 19, 2009


the road is never long between friends

This morning we drove to Port Coquitlam to have brunch with our friends at this lovely place beside the Fraser River.

We love getting together and without a doubt there is sure to be much laughter, some kidding and just good fun.



Tom, Bill, Dianne, Linda, Audrey and Doug



P1050861 P1050859 P1050860

Two boats going by, with one flying a pirate flag! Off in the distance a air show was going on but too far for my camera to catch it.




We gal’s ALWAYS end our lunch’s when we go out, with a B52!!

Coffee with a shot of Baileys, Kailua, and Grand Marinia

It makes us feel a little sinful, but happy!!


Yesterday, Martin and Joan, left on an Alaska cruise. We took a picture of them going out. We had balloons blown up, which I huffed and puffed in a hurry to blow up, so we could wave them off in style. Remember in the olden day’s when heading out on a cruise ship was an enormous event and all the family would gather on the pier to wave the ship off and the people on board would throw confetti and balloons? It’s not like that now, but we did our best to give them a Bon Voyage! Forgot to take a picture of that!!!


The are suppose to be a little left of center of the ship on the second floor down and waving a white towel.

Do you see them???


Could that white thing be them??

Bye for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend, wherever you may be!

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