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Yesterday was another beautiful day in West Vancouver, and we are in awe of the long stretch of warm, sunny weather from May until now, and the forecast is more of the same.

Tom and I took a walk down toward what was called Doggie Park, which has been changed drastically, from a  very wide and worn down dirt path through the woods with a wonderful canopy of  tall trees that made you feel as if you may be walking through a large tunnel. I always felt such peace walking through this part of the woods, until you reached the water, which also has been all changed since Spring, when it’s been “cultivated”. We now have a paved path, not as wide as before, and the trees have been thinned out, a new fence in place and the cement and wires for lighting to be put in. All very nice, but to me, it seems a step backward  in beauty. Any one seeing it for the first time would think it beautiful and it is yet, but not as beautiful as before!

If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d go back and find the before pictures on my blog. But, I’ve other things to do this morning.

P1050870As I post these pictures, I’m thinking to myself “Good Lord, how picky, it’s still beautiful”, but to me it was just so UNTAMED before and I liked that!


This is the river that kayaker’s would go down last year, and look at the low water this year. I think we need some rain before it dries up completely!


Oh my gosh, I don’t remember seeing this!! It’s been opened up more as we reach the water and oh boy, what low tide!! I don’t remember seeing it so low before.



The duck’s love it! The dog’s and fishermen love it!P1050874 P1050880

P1050884 It’s still Doggie Park and the dogs do love it down here with the freedom to roam.


P1050885 P1050886

P1050890 P1050892


Everyone, may think I take picture’s of weird things, but I love nature and love the way these trees wind around each other and to me, I see beauty and can’t resist taking a shot.


Below, is what I see and call the Dinosaur Tree. Don’t you think the bottom looks like feet and then the tree the long neck. I’m glad they didn’t bull doze over this landmark.!

P1050901  P1050902  P1050897

More twisted and turned trees and roots and beautiful ferns.



Beautiful berries. There once were many bushes with wild blackberries, but didn’t see many on this trip.


WEll, what can I say…after looking at these pictures, I have to admit, it’s still beautiful through this lovely walk.

To change the tone of this and give those interested an update on Tom and our visit with the much waited Urologist appointment yesterday. He does NOT have kidney stones!

The doctor is still not quite sure what it is yet, as all his medical tests are clear. She is treating him for a possible chronic type of infection and has been put on antibiotics for a wait and see it it clears up. We have our fingers crossed and the poor pharmacist….well, I think we are driving her nuts with all the switch and changes of medication, as she does them up in 3 weeks of bubble packs. I think she must shudder when she see’s me with another script in hand!

Better days ahead, we hope!!

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