Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm late, I'm late

I’m late, I’m late, in keeping this  up to date!!! But, it’s summertime and the living is easy and I’m just a little bit lazy also. Beside’s…I just had this blog finished and was just about to publish it to the web, and I clicked myself right out of the net by mistake, and now, I’m doing the whole thing a second time!! Is that what is called STUPID?

Tom is still suffering from what they THINK is kidney stones, although none of the tests so far have revealed any stones. We had the latest ultrasound last week and this coming week have an appointment FINALLY with a Urologist. When they did the ultrasound, they just said that they got some really good and clear pictures, so I’m hoping they find SOMETHING, and can then get on with a cure!

Being so close on the heels of his bi-pass, this has really set him back in walking and getting back to normal again. I was hoping by now, we’d be back to our walking and swimming and heading out here and there, but…..not so! So, I’ve become lazy too and don’t get out like I should. Does anyone have a big boot they’d like to land on my rear end..I need a good swift kick!

Not much else is new here. We’ve been back to our favorite haunt, the good old Library a few times, but it’s a great place to hang with comfy seats, coffee and treats at hand and all that knowledge surrounding us….wow….how can you beat it!!

This is the wonderful little alcove you can take your reading material and your coffee and sit and enjoy Mother Nature and the singing of the birds. I love it out here, but sure wish they had cushions for those hard but roomy chairs.


I think I like it so much, because I’m down on ground level instead of looking down from a 7th floor balcony. It brings back fond memories of home, where I could go out and read on a hot day, and wiggle my toes in the grass.


So pretty!


News has it that the bee’s are slowly disappearing and scientist don’t know why. But this very beautifully fragrant tree that I sat under was buzzing with bee’s.

I’m always trying to get a good picture of a bee in the flower, but too dumb to remember to set my camera for a higher speed to catch them. They buzz around too fast!!




Today, Martin and Joan (my step son and his wife, who calls me the evil step mother) are leaving about 5:30 today on a much envied cruise to Alaska. Whenever we know family is sailing past, they phone us on their cells and we run out with a big white towel and wave it at them to say our Bon Voyage. The neighbours much think we are surrendering from something, or signaling for help. So far, nobody has sent the guys with the funny suits to get us!!

Tomorrow we are off for another wee adventure, so will take some more pictures and try to get at it to write more regular.

Byeee for now.

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