Friday, July 24, 2009


wrong medicine

Ohhh boy, what Tom has been though, after been given the wrong medicine.  We are still  not 100% sure what is the problem for his groin pain, however after seeing the Urologist yesterday, she thinks it’s a infection and prescribed strong antibiotics, and to also stay on the 2 prescriptions given to us by our GP a couple of weeks ago.

Tom’s blood pressure has been shooting threw the roof the past two days. We had seen the cardiologist this past week and he was very concerned about his very swollen feet, and his extreme tiredness. He switched around his medication that the cardiologist at the hospital had given him which happened to override the original ones and gave him a EKG. Then told to come back next week to see how he was feeling.

Tom has been feeling absolutely horrible this past couple of weeks, however the pain in his groin wasn’t quite as bad as it was. He ran out of the pills our GP gave him and he prescribed more and Tom continued to feel like he’d been hit by a ton of bricks with the feet getting very puffed up, he was sweating, weak, and just an over all feeling of malaise, and couldn’t keep his eye’s open.

I started looking up the side effects of these pills from the GP and sure enough, the side effects happened to be everything he had in the one prescribed medicine. So, when his BP soared to a scary high this morning, and continued up, I thought he should stop taking that pill for a day or two.

I ended up calling the cardiologist and he told me to come right in, so loaded down with all his BP readings, all his medications, his medications that where changed and the new ones, along with our BP machine to have it calibrated with the doctor’s, away we went….AGAIN!

As soon as I told him about this one bottle of pills that I suspected was the problem, he was amazed that he had been prescribed that at all by our GP, not only to a heart patient, but to a man of his age. he said that medication had a mess of horrible side affects and that was what the culprit was! (Gosh, I should have become a doctor, or at least a nurse!)

He said in 24 hours, he will feel like a new man after being off that, so in the garbage they went! His BP, by that time, had started to come down, and he was beginning to feel somewhat better as that drug wore off.

Just one of those things but, I’m a firm believer in taking charge of and re-checking what is prescribed and also asking for copies of every test taken. What a great plus it’s been to have those records with us to hand any new physician we have to see.

So, we’ll just carry on and hopefully the antibiotics will be the answer to the groin pain!


Some medical humour I chuckled at!!!



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