Wednesday, July 15, 2009


kidney stone cartoon

The saga continues and so do the kidney stones….no relief for Tom yet!! He’s still writhering in pain and biting down on a silver bullet at times.

Yesterday, we ended up at the doctor’s office AGAIN! The poor man was in agony!! I more or less demanded we see a urologist ASAP.

These day’s when the doctor’s are so terribly busy, and you throw vacation time into the mix, you really have to do a little demanding to get a much need medical visit.

Granted, I was groveling, and practically down on my knees begging, but happy to say, we got the appointment for next week with a urologist, but only if we could get an ultrasound done BEFORE the appointment. I had a requisition for the ultrasound, so thought….ahh, no problem. Called down to the lab, and again, because of vacation and short staff, they are booking into September!!! I couldn’t break through the medical secretaries, hard shell, to get Tom in, no matter how, hard I begged. She said, try the hospital. So, I called them, and got the same answer, nothing open before late August!! I explained the situation again and this secretary had a little more heart, and said….tomorrow!!!! Oh joy!! How happy we are that maybe we will finally get to the bottom of this horrible problem.  Even after a CT scan, it’s not confirmed that it is indeed stones!! But, now we will get to what is causing this excruciating pain and find a cure.

Thanks for all letters from friends with their experience with kidney stones and their cures. I heard of another one today of making corn silk tea! So, I bought two ears of corn which we will have for supper, and I’ll steep the corn silk for Tom to drink.

However, nothing so far is working, but, just knowing we have an appointment with a specialist, gives us hope, and hopefully, Tom can make it to next week without too much more pain. Of course Murphy’s Law, is such that, now that we have an appointment, the pain will disappear! That also would be wonderful, but we will still want to find out WHY, and HOW TO PREVENT it from happening again.

Gall stone jewellery

If these stones are pretty, maybe I’ll make jewelry out of them too!! What a new hobby…”Kidney Stone Jewelry!”  “Gall Stone Rings”. Hey, I might be onto something. Doubt if I’ll get Tom to agree to produce though!

The sun continues to shine here, my tomato’s are slowly growing and more are appearing on my one and only plant, but my planter is a pedestal type, and it’s beginning to cave in at the bottom. It’s a race against time now, if I’ll have edible tomato’s or will I go out one morning and there will be a pile of mud on the deck.

I do miss my little garden in Ontario at times. But, I hear the weather there hasn’t been the greatest either this year so I guess….Grocery Store, here I come for tomato’s!!


So, that’s life in our household on this July 15, 2009


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