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Man oh man, is it HOT!! The beaches are so full that they are lining-up to get in for a swim! Can you believe that!!

I have always been moaning and groaning about the weather not getting warm enough for me in the summer here but by now, I’ve become acclimatized to Vancouver’s warm and more comfortable weather instead of this HOT stuff that is more like Ontario.

Martin and Joan and their daughter Heather and he son Byron, met us for breakfast at the Omelettery in Vancouver. It’s a nice place with great breakfasts.


Joan, Heather, Tom, Martin and Byron

P1050952 Tom with his new lady! He didn’t care if she didn’t have arms, because she had other assets!


This sculpture I had seen once as we drove by it, but didn’t know where in Vancouver we where and nobody, seem to have any idea what the heck I was talking about when I’d ask if they knew where there was a horse with a money on it’s back. I’d just get funny looks!

The parking meters beside the restaurant had “no parking” on the whole street, so we went around the corner to park and VOILA’, there it was!!!


Below, is the plaque that goes with the man, the horse, monkey and dog. Does anyone out there know what it has to do with Emily Carr? Did she write something famous about these little cute guys? If anyone knows, please let me know also!


P1050945 P1050947 P1050948

Four Generations


From there, with me driving, we went clear across Vancouver, to the Keurig Coffee Outlet, where Tom buys his coffee. The Keurig coffee maker is the kind you put in a little container the size of those little cups they put medication in for patients at the hospital. Just drop the cup into  the machine and It makes 1 1/2 cups at a time, it’s delicious and extremely fast to have the perked type coffee. You can buy many different types of coffee, tea of hot chocolate. Tom is a connoisseur of coffee, so just loves it. I still like my Tasters Choice decaffeinated instant coffee .

We arrived at the coffee factory outlet, right at noon, so with the sun just blazing, we found a little pub right near by, and had a nice welcomed cold beer to put in time until they opened again.

After that we set off for Brentwood Mall, and I browsed while Tom at and waited. He’s so patient!!

All I bought was underwear, socks and some Benadryl. I have no idea what I’ve touched, but have a wee bit of what I think is poison ivy on my one hand and a few places on my arm as well. All I can remember touching is the one tomato plant on the deck. Maybe there is another plant hidden in there somewhere…could be eh?

Leaving the cool mall and getting into that scorching hot car was miserable. I got home, took one Benadryl and slept for two hours!!


And that was our day!!

Dorothy from Owen Sound sent me a couple of pictures of the harbor there. It brought back memories, as I once lived there a very long time ago.

Is that an old grain elevator Dorothy?? How many big ships come into the harbor?  Owen Sound is on Georgian Bay, that goes into Lake Huron and Great Lakes

Owen Sound Harbour

Looks like a tug boat party!

tug boats

How is everyone’s tomato plants? My one plant is big, and has many tomato’s but only the size of golf balls!! I don’t think this is going to work and I give it tender loving care!

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