Sunday, July 26, 2009


lightening and sky 2 

Yesterday, an unexpected cell of storms visited Vancouver. Usually storms like this happen more in the interior of BC, so this one brought everyone out on their balconies taking pictures and watching the great light show. Reminded me of Ontario thunder and lightening storms, but, I don’t think the boomers we’re as loud here as in Ontario. The sky was absolutely beautiful. This was our first rain, except for maybe a little sprinkle that wouldn’t even wet the grass, since before May, and it’s strange to see patches of dried out grass!




Another thing that went on last night was a yearly event called Celebration of Light International Firework Competition.

What is the Celebration of Light?  It’s a fireworks competition between four countries.  These aren’t just any old bottle rockets and roman candles they are big mommas that shoot way up into the sky and light up the entire sky for brief moments.  Everything is synchronized with music.  It really is an amazing sight.  The best day to go is the last day, which is the finale where all the countries competing take turns at wowing the hundreds of thousands of people watching. The Countries taking part this year, is Canada, South Africa, UK, China.

Even though a storm was going on, the show went off as usual. Mother Nature sure added to the light show and it drew a crowd, even in the rain. Luckily, we can see it from the bedroom balcony, and last night the show  seemed a little shorter and the finale, came up quicker then usual. If anyone is interested they can see the whole firework from Canada, by going to Global BC website, and scroll down on the left side, until you see the picture of it. It was not last nights show however with the lightening in the background. This was I believe the competition from Canada.  Put it on full screen and turn up the speakers.

Remember last week, I showed you a picture of the tide out, in Doggie Park? Tom and I walked the same walk this morning with the tide in, and the next picture will show you the difference.

P1050872 Amazing difference eh?

P1050929 TIDE OUT!                                                       TIDE IN!

P1050880 P1050931 P1050884

Fishing for Salmon



Another strange happening around Vancouver yesterday when a Cruise Ship coming from Alaska hit a whale and it was stuck to the bow of the ship when it came into port.

SUN0725N-JLSwhale.jpgDead Whale2

A fin whale — a threatened species in Canada — was found dead and firmly wedged against the bow of a cruise ship following its arrival from Alaska.

The ship, Princess Cruise Lines' Sapphire Princess, docked at Canada Place Saturday morning. The whale was the size of two city buses, if you can imagine, however looks dwarfed by the ship. It is unknown if the was dead and floating when it was hit, or just by accident was ran into. Sad eh?

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