Sunday, July 12, 2009


so sad

Things feel grim! Tom is still having problems with passing kidney stones and not feeling very well. This has been going on for over a week now and we’ve been to the hospital, then the doctor’s office, and no relief yet, from the medications he received. We’ve searched the internet for cures, have tried friends advice, and still no relief! After going through the quadruple bi-pass, May 15th, and recovering from that, he’s just jumped from the pan into the fire with something else. We had such high hope’s that life for him would be better and he’d be more like his usual fun self, but not so! It’s terribly depressing!

I got out yesterday and wandered down to the waterfront, just as the cruise ships began their journey to Alaska. One following the other very closely, and likely they would meet the cruise ships that are coming down from Alaska to Vancouver. I’m not sure how many go back and forth on the weekends and through the week.


This is the first one, and I never got the name of it, but wondered if it was going to clear the bridge. Not much room eh?

Look at all those happy people on board….Wish I was one of them!P1050804 The second one is “Serenade of the Sea’s”, and right behind it comes the Holland America ship with the famous blue hull.

P1050813The Serenade of the Seas also looks like a “Sail Away Party” going on at the top deck, and here comes Holland America.

P1050816 P1050817 P1050825

It’s Holland America “Zuiderdam”, where Martin and Joan will be celebrating their 45th anniversary next weekend!! I think they have the next thing to the Penthouse! Hot tub in the room and menu of pillows, and every luxury you can imagine!!! Way to Go!! Have Fun!!


P1050832There they go….all three of the cruise ships. I shot this picture, looking right into the sun, and wasn’t sure if I’d even get a picture!

Can you imagine a little town of Ketchikan in Alaska when these three ships arrive at once! Mayhem!!! Plus there will be also ships arriving from Seattle there as well. However….what fun and luxury!!


P1050838Then, following that, came this ship and no cargo!! They come in to Vancouver from likely China, loaded with containers and JUNK, coming to Canada, and when it goes out, it’s empty. Make’s ya kinda think about it eh??/


Just a picture through the trees where I sat in the shade. It was VERY hot yesterday.


Now, I’m going back to what I was doing before the blog! See ya!



  1. Hi Linda,
    Talk with Tom's urologist about having the stones ultrasonically 'smashed'. B has had it done a couple of times. Takes all the rough edges of the stones and they are easier to pass. Still have to pass them unfortunately....but they will test them to see what they are made up from and then a visit with a dietician will help avoid those foods that build them. Also drink LOTS of water...
    Maybe you and B should have a chat via phone on this subject as he's has kidney stones for years and has a few tales to tell!


  2. Poor Tom...oh my! Those kidney stones are hugely painful to pass. I carry a "kidney stone 1st aid kit" quick acting pain meds and an anti-spasmodic drug called Buscopan (sp). I've suffered from kidney stones for 45 years and never felt pain like the kind that comes with passing a stone. I've been to Vancouver General twice for a procedure involving ultra sound. It breaks down the stones so that they will pass with no pain. The procedure is short and painless. Good luck with it...hugs, Bruce


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