Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Yesterday, on our daily walk, along the ocean, we happened along just when the salmon were on their up-stream swim to lay their eggs. They began their life in the Salmon Research Center here in North Vancouver, left to go out to sea, and as you all know the story, they return back to the place they were born to lay their eggs and then die.

Such a sad story for the poor salmon to swim all those many miles,  escaping being caught, or eaten by prey, just to bring more life, and then sadly die.


In my excitement, I never thought of turning my camera to movie mode, and caught a bunch of them jumping, but here’s the few I managed to catch…with a camera!

P1060257 P1060258 P1060259

Nice Catch!!! The Native’s here can catch what they like!


Six nice fish caught!!! Mmmmm, I would have loved one!!!


So, we continued on our way, arrived at Whole Food for a bowl of delicious soup!!


However the day began with another round at the dentist!! This time for caps for those teeth that had root canal. Of course now the nerves are dead, so it was all done without any freezing needle!! However, my grip on the arm rests, never let off, until it was all finished…two hours later!! I went to bed early with some extra strength Tylenol last night!!

My mouth was sore from being open wide for that length of time!! Today, I’m fine and the final round two, begins in two weeks.

The end of the day, and the MOON!! I always wonder if my family in Ontario are looking at the moon also, and of course, I miss them so very much! I hope they are thinking of me at the same time.

I wonder!



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