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Another senior collecting Old Age Pension! Welcome to the club Bill and a Big Happy Birthday to YOU from all your friends.

What a fun get-together last night, of friends and family to help Bill celebrate his birthday!

The birthday boy….or should I say the “old man”, cooked us the most tender and delicious ribs on his smoker. Dianne put on the most delicious dinner and along with much fun and laughter, we all had a great time!


These are some of the ladies, chattering and joking in the kitchen and telling tales about the men!

ABOVE: From left to right

Debbie, (who is Dianne’s sister), Linda, Dianne (our hostess), another Linda, and Sarah, (Bill and Dianne’s daughter in law.)

P1060303 P1060306P1060299 P1060280 P1060321P1060308 P1060296

ABOVE: From the top: L - R Isela, Blajka, Luobo, Linda, and Billy and Amy (Bill and Dianne’s children),

Tom, and below, again L- R – Dianne, Amy,and her husband Avi, Billy and his wife, Sarah.

happy birthday bannerP1060313



Linda with the bamboo shade casting shadows on her face, and Dave who is Debbie’s hubby.

A picture of the smoker that turned out the delicious ribs.

P1060311 P1060310

I can’t believe that I didn’t have my camera out to take pictures of the ribs in the smoker…what a delicious sight it was, nor did I take a picture of the fabulous meal Dianne set out. Where was my head!!! Could have been the beer I had!


I think Bill loves this gift!!

P1060318Making a wish! Whatever it was, I hope it comes true!!

P1060319 Almost too many candles for a 65 year old eh?


wishing you a happy birthday


Lots of laughter, fun stories and just great friends to spend time with!

How lucky we are!!


So Bill, who is a WONDERFUL person, on your 65th birthday we, all your friends, with love and great affection, wish you, MANY more happy, healthy and wealthy years ahead!!

Happy Birthday!



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