Thursday, September 24, 2009


exercise girl


Tom and I have begun our exercise routine. Tom started on Tuesday at his Healthy Heart Program and I began yesterday at the Gym. Tom goes Tuesday’s and Thursdays. I go the “maybe” Monday and Fridays!

However today, I got an unexpected work-out! More about that later!

Here’s Tom, hard at it. Note: Tom has always been teased about how he’s not co-ordinated and here is out of step with the others. But, he’s moving it!!


Another thing he’s noted for is flirting with pretty girls!!


Today, I went with him and instead of waiting for him, I went walking in the area. I walked and walked and then decided to walk in the direction of the water, which was a very steep downhill walk. I realized I’d have to walk back up again, but the water kept pulling me down, down, down. Here’s what I found at the bottom!

I love Tree’s and this one was a beauty!!


I was right down where the little False Creek Ferries take you over to Granville Island, a really fun place full of markets, and fabulous unique stores.

P1070024 P1070002

The little ferries travel back and forth. Across the water is “Bard On The Beach”, which runs all summer for Shakespeare lovers, and down the beach with the big white screen, a film crew had set up. This is “Hollywood North”, and a common sight around Vancouver.

P1070022 P1070004 P1070026

Looking the other direction, I was right beside the Burrard Street Bridge

P1070008 Nice looking bridge!



The tree’s looked so pretty with the sun shine through the branches.


I can never resist a picture of a pretty sea washed old stump! I find them pretty anyway! I always wonder where it came from.


It was a beautiful and warm, sunny day, and I bet, all the owners of these sail boats wished they didn’t have to work and could be out sailing the ocean blue!


Sand, Sea and Mountains!! We live in an awesome place, full of beauty! How lucky!!

P1070010 Then, I began my walk back UP the hill!!

P1070028 This is looking straight down from where I came up from the water. I still have more to go, but there was a little dip in the hill, that blocked the whole uphill climb! So, that’s my exercise for the day!!!

I may not walk tomorrow!!


How true this is!!


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