Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Weekend in Vancouver


Many things going on in Vancouver this weekend, but ours started with our walk along Doggie Park, which will take us to Park Royal shopping centre, where we may have a bowl of soup at Whole Food’s, or just a coffee at Starbucks! (No Tim Horton’s there, and I always feel like a traitor going to Starbucks!)


I love this walk, not only for the scenery, but for the many different breeds of dogs you see.  The dog’s seem to know this is their playground, and  are full of energy and playfulness and with each other. They lay all fighting behind and are on their best behavior. Sometimes, you can really match the owner with the dog, as they seem to have the same feature’s.

The dog below, carried his toy along the whole walk. He’d stop for a drink at the fountain,and then pick up his toy again and troop along.


Tom walking the pathway. I love it here!! Autumn is starting to show, with all the fallen leaves, however our weather all summer has been OUTSTANDING!! Tomorrow, it is suppose to change!


I love to look at the trees and all the little hiding places for the tiny creatures that must use them for their home. Or the child comes out in me….especially the Irish side of me,and I think maybe a little fairy lives in there, or a cute little gnome!

I keep thinking of painting a big stone, that say’s WELCOME and setting it at one of these little hiding places, just to give people passing by a little laugh.


I find the way the roots twist and turn around themselves is fascinating, and again ….could a wee mouse live in there??


Look at these two!! Boys and their toys!! Tom and Martin (Tom’s son), who both have NEW I Phones, and show off to each other the new feature’s and discoveries, on the phones. Joan and I, gave up with conversation with them!!

After breakfast, they sent us shopping and they came back here to chat and play with the new toys! I like them telling us to go shopping!!!


This morning, after church…..yeah right!! Let’s start over! This morning, Tom took  me on one of his fun mystery tours. I never know where he’s taking me, but it’s always something I enjoy. We took the bus,to the Vancouver Library and they had a National Book and Magazine Festival going on!


It’s a HUGE Library!! Actually almost overwhelming! Of course my camera wasn’t on a very good setting and all too dark!

P1070094Lot’s of little display tents set up, with books, authors, readings,contests and lots of give-a-ways!


I bought a 50 cent ticket for a prize of 1 copy of every single book in the book festival today. I never win at anything, but watch me win something like this, where I’ll need a moving truck to bring home my prize and another condo to hold them all! I think if I won, I’d direct the truck to the local library with a huge donation!!

P1070060 P1070061

West Jet Airlines, also there, and you could stand in the long line-up to spin the wheel and a chance to win two airline tickets to anywhere they fly!! I won a stain remover!! Oh well…told you, I never win the big prize!!

P1070059 P1070062 P1070077 P1070076 P1070066 P1070068

Lot’s of other fun things going on. Above, a writer is reading some poetry, a clown is juggling, this pretty girl all dressed up as a character in a children’s book, a tall Mount, how to make paper, and calligraphy!

And Tom playing on his iPhone!!!



I know it’s difficult to understand what these couple of pictures are. It’s from inside the library garden, and the architecture is amazing,but with all the shadows and window’s it’s hard to figure it out, unless being there, but believe’s breath-taking!



Can you imagine, knitting a cover for your bike? They had a book on how to do this!!  I think they had a book here today, for almost anything!!


An Author??


Tom “Taking the Bull By The Horns!!”


I’m not afraid of him!!


Starting on our way home now, to catch out bus at the post-office.

P1070097 The Harbour Center with it’s revolving restaurant, where Tom took me on another “mystery trip”.


P1070100 P1070103 P1070098 P1070107

My favourite photo of the day!


Home to the delicious smell of short ribs cooking away in the slow cooker and the wonderful aroma of garlic and onions and tomato sauce…yummy!!! Time to go make a salad for dinner.

This is the book I just finished! I read it because of the cruise we went on last weekend. The beautiful dining room on board was called “The Summer Palace” and inside they had the most beautiful paintings of the Russian family of the Romanov’s , the last Tzar of Russia. The book was about the kitchen boy and his story of what happened mere hours before the ALL the Romanovs and their servants were led to their deaths. It was a best seller and very interesting to read.

Below, is a few of those beautiful paintings, I took pictures of.


P1060890 P1060898 P1060902

P1060899 P1060904 P1060905

P1060906 P1060907 P1060909


The Summer Palace on the Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship. An interesting read!


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