Friday, October 2, 2009


The snow has returned to the “Lions” when our weather took a dive into Fall. I love seeing the fresh fallen snow up there, as long as it stays up there!!

P1070108 Most times, you can tell it’s snowing up in the mountains, when a big cloud forms up there, and when it clears,there is the white stuff!


This morning, I headed off for a walk, and made the circuit to Park Royal, then cut through to Doggie Park and back along the water….so, come with me for a walk and I’ll show you what I came across!

Below, is the sidewalk way to go. Park Royal is a nice village shopping center, just beyond those trees on the right. Park Royal is really on both sides of the highway with a fly-over road to the other side.

The empty field on the right is just starting to set up for a midway.


 A small part of Park Royal. It winds around and eventually you come to an inside mall. A really cute place to shop with everything you would ever need right here!


I met my friend Patricia here in Starbucks, for a chat and a laugh!

Then onward-ho to behind Park Royal to the beautiful walk to Doggie Park, which I’ve shown many times on here, so won’t add again.

This girl must be a dog-walker, she had a few of them!!


Then I reached the lovely little lagoon, with the ducks and it’ so picturesque, I couldn’t help taking more picture’s, although, picture’s of the ducks my be boring for you by now, as I blogged many before!!


 The little fellow was having a snooze in the shade of a big tree, so I tiptoed away and left him be.

P1070121 Just swimming by, without a worry in the world!

P1070126 I think this is a female duck! They say the male’s are the prettiest! Only in duck life eh!


 These ducks have a lovely place to live. The swans hid themselves in very deep shade, and I couldn’t get a picture of them today.


P1070141 My try at an “Artistic Shot”, through a bend in a tree limb.


 That is the Lions Gate Bridge in the distance!



 This is the path I followed along the Lagoon. Sp pretty isn’t it!!


 This HAS to be the male!! Look at those beautiful feathers!


Hellooooo ducky!!






A bevy of beauties!!


Okay, time to leave the ducks and keep walking! This guy is fishing for salmon!. The other day, someone told me that after the heavy rain we had through the night and day, that the shore was lined with fishermen, as now, the salmon could finally get up the river with the added water, back to their spawning ground. She said, all of a sudden, there was this BRRRRRrrrrrrrring sound, that was extremely loud. She said the ocean out in front of where she was, came ALIVE with jumping salmon by the millions, that churned the water. She said, even the elevator doors in the building, which is along the water, started to vibrate and shake, as if it came through the ground. I’ve never heard of this nor has Tom, but I do believe this girl. I’ve been going down almost everyday to see if I could see the salmon jumping and could only spot a bunch of them, but I guess, the majority we’re waiting for the chance to get back to spawn and the time was right


Pretty little picnic spot, that I cut through as a wee short cut!


 There was a time when we saw a gaggle of geese, in a V formation, and it was Autumn, we would say “The Geese are migrating south for the winter”, but now these silly birds, seem to want to not waste their time and energy and decide to just stay for the winter!


 And….here they are, right where I’m going to walk past, but as I continued to walk on the roadway, they began to come closer and closer toward me!!


I think they where going to gang up on me!!!!! I’m starting to get a little nervous!


 Now, they are beginning to surround me, and get closer and closer…… They have a plan!!!


P1070175 P1070177 P1070178

Coming straight at me now, and I’m ALMOST surrounded!!! Okay, guys, just back off!!!


See how they came right across the road at me!!! Just after I “escaped”, a city worker, on a lawn tractor, rode right through them and you should have heard them carrying on, and making a huge protest. The worker soon left also!!


 The beach sure isn’t as populated as it was in the heat of the summer. In fact, it’s deserted!!! Only lonely me and the damn geese attackers!!


 There are always Japanese fishermen on the pier and also the odd seal stealing their bait!


P1070185 P1070186

Home again and feeling hot and tired. One last picture of the bright red mountain ash bush beside our building. I think it’s a Mountain Ash!

Well, I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and maybe I’ll get another blog in before the end of the weekend!


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  1. Yup, you sexed the ducks right, the colourful mallards are the boys. I don't know about over there but in the UK they go in for some fairly rough approaches to the females.... FYI I'm about 12 miles from the original Ambleside. It'll be a month or two before there's the first snow on our hills.


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