Sunday, October 4, 2009




What a fantastically, beautiful weekend this has been.

Before I take you on our little mystery trip, that Tom surprises me with, let me show you some pictures of the amazing sunset we had the other night.

First this rainbow, but we had no rain!


These picture’s where taken over a period of only a few moments, and it was amazing to see the difference in how the sky and clouds looked.

 P1070200 P1070203 P1070204

P1070205 Pretty Amazing eh?

P1070208 P1070209 P1070211

This was the sky in the other direction, taken just a little earlier. Then I have to show you my Japanese, or is it Chinese lanterns. I was going to paint little Halloween faces on them all, but my felt pen ran out of ink!

P1070206P1070189 P1070193

Today, we took the bus over to Vancouver and got off near Stanley Park, took some picture’s and continued down Denman Street, looking at all the little shops. We stopped for lunch along the way.


This lady statue sits on her bench day and night in all seasons. Passerby’s always make sure this lovely lady has fresh flower’s in her hand.


Damn Canada geese just don’t realize they should get flying south! Today was in the 20’s, so, I guess they might be a little confused with this terrific weather!


How lucky to catch this heron , sitting on a rock!!



It was a beautiful day to be out and great sights to behold!!! This is part of Stanley Park.


I’ve been told that one man (a rich one), lives in this building and it has an elevator for his car! This building is just across the road from the scenery in the above picture! Not to shabby eh?


Yacht Club, and a bunch of rowers in the water.


So many people out walking, riding bikes, going far and fast on roller blades and just having a nice day before the Winter rains begin.



This is one of the huge tree’s that fell when Stanley Park got hit with a terrible wind storm two years ago. They left this tree as a sort of memorial. Amazing thing is…there is bits of growth spurting out of the tips of the branches. It’s just not going to die!!


P1070236 P1070235 P1070237

It was a bit of a circle tour which brought us back to this point. Isn’t she beautiful!!


Not a great picture, but you can see Vancouver’s first wind power turbine on top of the ski hill. I even caught the sea plane going past!


Down by English Bay, this display was set up. I have no idea what it’s suppose to be, but pretty neat to see. They seem a happy lot!


P1070247  P1070250 P1070259


They all seem to be laughing hysterically

about something funny!!

This is  full grown tree on top of this

condo building. I bet it’s pretty nice up there!!

English Bay with the mountains in the distance. Lot’s of ships out there, but hard to see in this picture.




P1070257  P1070254 P1070258


Well, that’s pretty well our day!! We caught a bus home, tired, but had a good walk, and enjoyed a lovely day!


I finished this book last night and it was very good, but if you are interested in it, I suggest you read The Kitchen Boy by the same author first! I enjoyed it, but i love historical fiction!


 Amazing Race is on tonight!! Love that program! Tomorrow night we are going to see Michael Moore’s new documentary at the movies. I’ll let you know if we enjoyed it!



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