Monday, October 5, 2009



Once again, to take advantage of this fabulous Vancouver weather, Tom and I went into Vancouver and walked along the waterfront trail. How beautiful is was! Great way to get exercise and just enjoy being alive!



The little fellow has his breakfast….a starfish!


Such a beautiful city!!!



 Hmmmm, I wonder what this is!!




There was falling water down the brick here. So much to see along the way!


 Boats and Sea Planes everywhere!!


 We passed HUGE yachts and then BIGGER then HUGE!! Then these cute little houseboats.


 The HUGE boat I believe is the boat that Oprah cruised to Alaska in, last year. It belongs to a prominent business man here, undoubtedly rich!!


 No, I didn’t take a crooked picture….this was the way this leaning little building stood? Could be where the owner of the boat stashes his liquor supply for the boat he owns as it was right at his dock. I’m joking here!!


Vancouver Convention Center.The new facility incorporates a number of key design elements for buildings of this scale. For example, the six-acre green roof provides a home for 20 varieties of plant life, and is pollinated by local bee hives. What’s more, the roof was designed to imitate a gulf island beachfront to provide a nesting ground for local birds. As well, 40 per cent of the building is suspended over water with the foundation specifically designed to recreate a natural shoreline for marine life. Finally, the seawater heating and cooling system makes the convention centre one of the most energy efficient buildings in Vancouver.


Looking across the water at North Vancouver. Why are my pictures so blue?? I may have a wrong setting??


 I can’t get away from these bird picture’s. Note: To the person who wrote me anonymously from Ambleside in the UK, thank you and I’ll look up your Ambleside after doing this!! I appreciate your post!!


Called “The King and Queen! Tom said, I wonder how come the King isn’t bigger!! Hummmph….that made me angry!!



We stopped and had a coffee here, while we watched the planes coming arriving and departing. All the benches in the area, are donated and all have little brass plates on the back, and Tom had a laugh at this one that we sat on.

Believe it or Not!



 I wondered what these white things where suppose to represent. Some of these sculptures that we see are strange. Looking closer, it was just bags of fertilizer!!!


P1070353  P1070350 P1070352  

ABOVE: Not the old ugly cement trucks for Vancouver, No sireee..these are painted up pretty nice I’d say! More construction going on!

An older building among the modern, an eagle sculpture, and a tourist bus.


P1070360 P1070372 P1070363

 The Sails, or Canada Place. I can see these from our bedroom deck.  This is where the cruise ships dock when they are in, however, I think there won’t be anymore until May now. None come to Vancouver in the Fall/Winter season.


 We found a place for lunch!!


P1070379 Heading home now on the Sea bus, looking at North Vancouver in the distance.


Peaks called “THE LIONS”


I started this blog at 5pm, and now it’s 10:30 pm and I never got time to finish it before we had to leave for the movies to see CAPITALISM, by Michael Moore!!! We went with my friend Patricia and then for coffee after. We aren't use to being out so late and right now, I’m working hard to finish this and get to bed before my eyes close! So, hope you enjoyed the blog and a little trip around Vancouver.

bear walking away signifying THE END 

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