Thursday, October 8, 2009



This was the sky last night, as I looked towards the mountains from our balcony! Note…the snow has gone! We’ve had just day upon day of great weather, and it’s really very unusual, but who’s complaining!!

Again, an amazing sunset!!! Those are the mountains in Victoria, off in the distance!



This morning, while Tom was attending his Health Heart Exercise Program, I had a little exercise of my own. With a map in hand, I set off to explore! Here’s a few pictures!

They have these painted eagles all over the city on different corners. Last year they had painted bears, that where really fun to look at, but they auctioned them off to lucky people who could afford them.



 Getting ready for the 2010 Winter Games, the city has placed this HUGE flag around a large building. The building across the road, caught the whole image.


 This is a constant reminder of how many days, hours, minutes and seconds, until the 2010 Games begin!


 P1070399Above, the back of the Art Center, which says on the writing


on the top: “Placed Upon The Horizon (Casting Shadows)

Not sure what that is suppose to mean, but it’s a beautiful building, and Tom said, it used to be the Court House.

It seems to be a place where rally’s and protest’s seem to take place and it always has many people gathered in the grounds. However, it was pretty early, but the back of the building has a few “overnighters” sitting on the steps.

I just liked the look of this clock, off in the  distance.



I tend to take picture’s of almost anything that catches my eye, and I liked this one of the kids in uniforms climbing on this tree.

When Tom was finished, we met up with Martin and Joan, Gloria (Joan’s sister) and Karen, their cousin who was visiting. Little Byron, is sitting with Grandpa and Grandma!


  Gloria and Karen               Gloria, Karen, Joan             Gloria, Joan, Linda

P1070424 P1070432 P1070437

This is Byron and one smart little boy, who understands basic signing with his hands, that his mother taught him. It’s incredible how easy it is to understand what he wants, when he can’t talk yet, but signs instead! He’s pointing at his Nana (me), who was surprised that he knew what I’m called, as we don’t see him very often!! He’s  cutie.

Looks like he had a full belly and it was time for a snooze!

P1070419P1070440  P1070439

When I got home, I still had some energy left, so went for a walk and couldn’t help snapping these beautiful flowers.

P1070443 P1070446 P1070447 

P1070448 P1070453 P1070454

P1070444P1070455 P1070441


 Some garden buddies!!P1070445


P1070460More stumps, birds and more birds!

P1070456 P1070462  P1070464


My climb up from the Seawall to the Street Level….and was it a hard climb!!!!


P1070468  P1070469

Above a Holly Tree! Below, just a beautiful Autumn picture!


That’s it for today! My show Survivor is on, so I got to go!!!! I have money riding on this show!!! Byeeee!!

PS…Is anybody looking at this stuff? Comment’s would be appreciated!! PLEASE!!!


  1. Yes Linda... I am here and I read your blog several times per week. Most of the time from my office when I want to take a break. It's good to feel and breathe the air from BC !
    Your french searcher ;-)

  2. Oh, I forgot something : your photos are WONDERFUL ! Really...

  3. I love all your pictures, you do a wonderful job. They are a breath of fresh air. Your writing tops it off. Thank you

  4. Hi Linda this is Caroline Baxter , Marilyn sent me your blog.
    My home town is Agassiz, five minutes from there is Harrison Hot springs, have you ever seen the sand sculptures?
    Love the pictures of the mountain, I still miss them. I still have a sister and brother in Agassiz , one in Hope, and one in Shawnigan Lake on the Island, all kinds of cousins , neices & nephews all over B.C.
    Take care


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