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starbucks Well actually, this post is a day late. I did write it last night, and was coming down to the finishing line, when this new program of mine, did something, that surprised me, and I clicked the wrong thing and POOF….gone! So, here I am again, telling you of my latest visit .

It was a filthy, pouring down rain day, and before starting my trek, I thought maybe instead of just the hood on my jacket, I should dig my red umbrella, out from under the car seat. After scrunching myself down, trying to find it, I remembered that we had throw it into the very rear of the car, so had to get out in the rain, and open up the back and hunt through the mess to find it. It was stuck on something, so I had to yank and pull at it before it came loose. Well, when I opened it, two of the spokes in the brawly had broken and two sides where sinking and looking very lopsided!

But, this being rainy Vancouver, you often see lopsided umbrella’s here, so I thought what the heck, I’ll become a real Vancouverite and use it anyway, no matter how ridiculous I likely looked. I started down the hill on my walk and noticed a woman walking towards me, carrying something!! When she got closer, I had to laugh, as her umbrella was far worse then mine. I wondered why she even had it up! As we passed each other, I felt like I had just been initiated into a broken umbrella club, because she nodded and raised her hand in a hello, just like the people on motorcycles do, or when convertibles pass each other there is that little “I have what you have…hey… we’re the same”, sort of wave!

So, I arrive at the same Starbuck’s that the little Japanese fellow was doing bows to me ,during another visit, but I didn’t see him. But, I was a little busy, rearranging the furniture, so that I’d have a clear view of the door and people coming in. I threw my dripping jacket and umbrella over the table to tell everyone, it was taken, then went to order my coffee.

I notice a sign they are taking donations through the Red Cross for the people of Haiti, so I tell the gal, I’d like to donate, but where do I put the money. She called the manager over, and he told me they had a special fund set up, and when he rang it into the cash, up popped a sign “EMERG”, and told me it would get to them, and also told me to hold on, so he could explain something to me. He gave me a cash register receipt that said, I could have any drink, any size they have for free, on next visit, once I went to their website and punched in this number and they’d send me a coupon in return. So, I thought that was a great idea and nice of Starbucks.

I also noted it wasn’t very busy, and the manager said it’s always slow on a rainy morning, so I just had to hope something interesting happens to write about and take a few pictures.

So, after I dried off my wet table, where I threw my dripping coat, I got my pad, pencil and camera out and surveyed the scene.

Oop’s two cops are coming in, so boldly as can be, I raise the camera and take a quick shot, but I didn’t give it time to focus, as I could see the policeman giving me a odd look through the shutter! I missed the first one! I almost expected them to come over and ask what I thought I was doing. Maybe, I could say, I was doing a survey of how many cops came in for coffee at Starbucks as opposed to Tim Horton’s, which would be my assignment for tomorrow. Or maybe say, I worked for the mayor and was taking notes as to who was on the beat and who was slurping down coffee!!


Now, what made this interesting, but if you look outside and over the shoulder of the guy with the yellow hoody , there where two more cops on bikes. You can see the bit of yellow of their jackets, so it looked like an awful lot of police around.

The picture below was after, I feared that, I was going to get myself kicked out, and when I had the nerve to click on the bike police, the light had changed and a car was in the way, but there had been two of them!

What I don’t risk to entertain you readers!!



Because, absolutely nothing was happening on this rainy day, I took a picture of one of Starbucks staff, cleaning the door!! Stupid move Linda!! He looked at me, and said “No Picture’s In Here, Please…privacy issue!”


Well, they can’t stop me from writing, so I’ll just do this while I finish off my coffee.

I see a fellow pick up a cigarette butt and put it into his mouth..yuk!

A few more dilapidated umbrella’s go by!

A dumpster-diver, goes by with a London Drug shopping cart full of his new found treasures. Actually, these fellow’s really help clean up the city. They often come into our underground parking and I was down there one day, when a fellow was there, and we got chatting and I helped him load up the bottles and cans. I like to help….what the heck!

I hear sirens and a fire truck goes around the corner.

Well, this is a very uneventful day, so I put my coat on and grab my broken umbrella and hoof it back up the hill to where I’m to meet Tom again. It’s stopped raining, so my umbrella goes into a city garbage can.

On the way home we stop for these delicious BBQ wings and yam fries.

So, that was yesterday!

Today, we discussed if we should go for our swim, but neither of us, had much energy for that, so we had breakfast, then Tom went into his office and his computer and I put my laptop on my knee to try and get a little more comfortable with this new program.

Then I went to Lynn Valley which is another nice little shopping center near here. I browsed around Zellers, and Winner’s and all of a sudden my friend Reta, called out my name. So strange when someone calls me out here. In Belleville, it was a very common thing to run into people I knew. So, we chatted awhile, and her and her friends left, and I went to up to order a Momma Burger at A&W. Myself and another lady had to wait while they did a big order for some guy, so we got chatting and decided to split the 2 for one special. We ended up sitting at the same table and stayed quite awhile chattering back and forth and exchanging names and email addresses, and she extended an invitation to come anytime for tea. So, maybe I’ve made a new friend.

Tom marvels, at how I can just up and talk to anyone.

So, I finished my browsing, bought two nightgowns and some face creams to make my wrinkles plump and disappear as it promises on the box!! Also, a face mud mask to smear on my face while I’m taking my bath tonight!!

So, that’s my exciting two days!!

Sorry, not too many pictures, but I’ll include one I took of The SAILS, down at Canada Place that we can see from bed. They change colours, and this was taken with a shaky hand, so it’s not too clear.

That’s it folks!!

PS…those who read this, my email list has been deleted with the the new Win 7 was installed, so I can’t write you, until you write me.

Sandy, I got you lovely comment, on the blog, but I need you to send your email. When I click return, it went to Blogger.


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