Saturday, January 2, 2010


tina turner

Tom wanted to try out this new restaurant for lunch, but with things to do first, it was about 3:30 before we got there. It’s also pouring, pelting rain!

I was starving when I got there! The menu had these huge hamburger’s they serve, along with many more other dishes, too big for me to handle, so I ordered what I normally order when we go out….a bowl of soup. I look around me and see these very slim girls, eating these honking big burgers and fries, and have rear ends the half the size of mine!! I can never eat a whole lot at any meal, and yet, I grow larger and larger!! Something’s just aren't  fair in this world and when I was growing in the womb, I got skipped on having a metabolism! Whatever I eat, just lays on me in blobs!

We decided we’d have cucumber sandwich’s for supper later on this evening. Now, that’s a pretty light supper wouldn’t you think.

So, we come home, and Tom decides he’s going for a snooze. I turn on the TV and there is a Tina Turner concert on, and I love Tina’s music and always enjoyed be bopping around the dance floor all night long to her music. So, I’m thinking, what great exercise it would be and fun too. Up I get, and I’m movin’ and grooving’ and dancing around and waving my arms and really getting into it and enjoying it so much, I’m thinking I should get out my old Tina CD and do this everyday and it would be fantastic exercise!

I got though “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, and I’m puffing and huffing and can’t sing along or hardly keep my breath anymore and so relieved when her next song is “Private Dancer,” a slower, groovy song, where I can slow it down a little. Ouch, ouch, ouch….my knee’s!!! What happened to my knee’s? The pain is killing me!!!

Well, I won’t overdo it, so I sit down until the next song. So, I’m tapping my toes, and moving my head to the music and without realizing what I’m doing, I reach over, munch down on a chocolate! It was down my throat before I even thought about it, or hardly tasted it!! I think…”YOU IDIOT!!! I’ll work twice as hard dancing to the next song, and work it off!!  I get back up, now that I caught my breath and really dance up a storm again, trying out my old moves, I could remember doing, and trying to ignore my knee’s which are crying out in pain!

I sit back down, huffing and puffing, and gasping for breath.

Oops…here comes Jumping Jack Flash…..Excuse me a minute…BRB, while I dance this one. I love this song and have to dance to it!!

Good Lord, I may never walk again!! These knee’s just aren't flexible anymore!! Now, my shoulders hurt too, and I feel half dead with exhaustion!!

She’s singing Addicted To Love now!!

Now, it’s “Your Simply the Best…better than all the rest, better then anyone, I’ve ever met…”. LOVE THAT SONG!!!!

I have to get up again and dance to this one! BRB.

Huff, puff.. ohh lordy, here comes “Proud Mary!!!”  My aching body is going to sit this one out!!! She’s starting out nice and slow, but I know what agony she’s going to put me through when it speeds up!!!

What a great concert!!! What an incentive to get the weight off, if only to dance like I could dance at another decade or so ago…all night long and ready for more!!

She’s a dynamo!!! Amazing she’s in her 70’s!!!

I’m thinking positive on this….I will dance with gusto again!!!








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  1. funny what a bit of exercise can do; my chiro just said I had the spine of a 35 year old... wow! She did not comment about the rest of my body however... Well happy another year!


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