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The sun is shining out here in Vancouver today, and a break from the rain, so that’s a nice Valentine gift from Mother Nature!

How did everyone enjoy that fantastic opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games the other night? I think Canada and Vancouver made us proud!

After the ceremonies and our hockey hero lit the outdoor flame, the firework’s started. This is what I could see from our bedroom.



This is from the newspaper and a beautiful picture.

fireworks after the game

 This is also a picture from the newspaper, and I had a chuckle and wanted to share it. Someone from the Eastern U.S. sent it to the newspaper here when they read we needed snow in Vancouver.

 How sad and how shocking to lose this young athlete.


Inushuck, over English Bay. I like these stone sculptures! I just found out, that what they where built for, was as a navigation tool. Interesting!


 Beautiful isn’t it!

lit torch

Today, would have been a perfect day to head down town to take in the free venues and see all the excitement, but we had our week planned according to the weather forecast and it said that Wednesday would be warm and sunshine. Today’s sunshine was a surprise as it always is around here, so, we went for a long walk this morning, and will stick to our plan on Monday to head over town and will take some pictures.

Right now, helicopters are bringing in more snow for Cypress Mountain. We had very heavy rainfall through the night, and now with this warm beautiful day, it’s melting all the snow to quick! They are buzzing overhead all the time.

This is Byron, Tom’s Great-Grandson. What a cutie he is!!!

Toms 82 birthday 2

 Tom’s 82nd birthday party on Feb. 9th. Byron is helping blow out the candles. Across the table is myself and then, Meredith and  Martin, (Tom’s children)

Toms 82nd birthday

 He’s as wonderful as he looks!!!


 P1080714  P1080713 Old log with seagull

You must realize now, I have a thing for logs. Maybe it’s the different textures, or just the wonder of where it drifted in from. The seagull is enjoying the sunshine also. But, look at the length of that tree!

You will recognize this statue from the Olympic opening games. WELCOME!

Apparently, Vancouver is mostly Native Indian land.

welcome statue with bird on top

Sun coming out finally

Just some scenes from our walk this morning, where we ended up at McDonalds for an egg mcmuffin!

These clouds have all cleared away from this morning and it’s nothing but clear skies here now at 2:37 pm

Bridge Looking back from Ambleside beach to Ambleside.



Two mossy trees Moss on trees P1080729

Love the contrast of colour! Something old and messy can look so beautiful!


sleeping ducks


P1080742 P1080745 P1080741 My Valentine Flowers!!!!



See that price tag!!! In my dreams ONLY!!


Well, that’s it for today! We are off to the Library now. I have a LOAD of books to take back!

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