Wednesday, February 10, 2010


canada_flag P1080614

The big event is here, and excitement is growing! However, the weather is still not co-operating. First many days of above normal temperatures that melted all the snow on the mountains, resulting in many double trucks, hauling snow, from 100 miles away and up the mountain roads where the events will take place.

Everyone is struck with cheering on our athletes and Canada flags are in store windows, hanging from balconies and waving from cars to little Canada flag stickers stuck onto cheeks or foreheads.

Some of the school have switched their Spring break to these next two weeks to enjoy the Olympics. Many roads are closed to traffic, security is everywhere, parking anyplace impossible!

The dress rehearsal is tonight, and getting it all down to the last second is a task, I wouldn’t want to have to worry about. It’s been years in the planning, and $$$$$$$$$$$$$ spent!!!

rings and skyline

Tom and I went down and looked from the far shore, at the city lights, but I couldn’t get my camera to hold steady enough for a close zoom. Off to the left there are two cruise ships in to help with accommodations. The picture didn’t turn our that well. See the rays of light flashing over the city? Very pretty! Picture’s don’t do it justice! But, trust me, it’s breathtakingly beautiful!

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P1080632  P1080510 P1080616P1080635

I was up at 6 AM this morning and was baking biscotti’s in the kitchen, looked out the window, and saw this coming toward the bridge. I quickly got dressed, grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and down to the pier. I was hoping they would drop the sails as they entered the city, but this ship was beautiful, just the same. 


P1080639 P1080641 P1080660



I don’t know where Winter went to, but it seem to skip us this year!


P1080583 P1080598 P1080601 P1080585 P1080607 P1080592 P1080604

Snow, up here, but too high an elevation to be good for the Games!


This BIG seal was down at the Pier this morning, robbing all the fishermen’s bait!

P1080645These fellow’s where hoping for a free meal as well!!



Happy Birthday to Tom who turned 82 yesterday!!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

Would you believe that I didn’t take any pictures at Tom’s birthday dinner, that his son Martin and daughter in law Joan, put on with all the family! A very delicious dinner!!!

However, Tom’s granddaughter took some and when she sends them to me, I’ll post them!

An impromptu lunch with Bill and Dianne on Monday.

A lovely surprise phone call from Bill, saying they would be over in our area, and did we want to join them for lunch! We went to this wonderful restaurant down by the water.


Palm trees!! Look at this weather!!


Bill and Tom P1080575 P1080577 P1080571

We don’t go ANYPLACE that doesn’t serve B52’s!!!!

Linda and Dianne

 This is a “What Do You See?” photograph!!! What do you think it is?

Actually, it’s close up of Bill’s head, where he just had a kidney bean shape and size benign cyst removed. The blue are the stitches. I don’t think he thought I’d post this!!!


Games picture 

Go Canada!!!!

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