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This morning, Tom, announced he had a mystery trip planned. He often does this, and I love it, plus, it’s kind of romantic, don’t you think?

So, off we went into Vancouver, by bus for a look around, and for lunch.

First, this was what the skyline looked. so pretty!


 Either my hand is getting shaky, or there is something wrong with my settings, but this looks blurry! I counted 14 ships sitting out in the harbour, this morning, waiting to get through the tight security at the ports, because of the Olympics that the city is buzzing about.


The clock count down!


P1080472  P1080473 

Looks like something interesting going on here! We didn’t see any smoke though! So we moved on.

The skating rink downtown.



These steps are painted to look like a winter scene and is really quite nice. Also the picture below the steps are painted.



Just a few more pictures. Also, they are installing a zip line across the city, which they are setting up here. I just missed the trial run! I saw something moving above my head, and a guy was zipping across, but I was too late in catching it on the camera.

P1080483 P1080482 P1080488

P1080496  P1080502  P1080503 kids lights

These picture I showed in an earlier blog, but not the decorated cups close-up, done by school children.  They look so pretty lit up! 



020-lunarfest-1 P1080506

P1080509 P1080510

These banners which are all over the city, are to be sold as a fund raiser after the Games. I’d love to have one!

I love this old building set among the new ones. I think Tom told me it was the old Post Office. He said the Birks clock was always a common place to meet someone downtown. “Meet you under the Birks clock!”  I like this building too, but got rushed past,and didn’t even get to glance in the window’s!


P1080515 P1080513

I LOVE this statue!!! So beautiful!!!

AngelThe Canadian Pacific Railway building and the inside,where we went to catch the Sea Bus to return to the North Shore. Also, the rear view of the angel.

P1080520 P1080535 P1080530 P1080521 P1080526 Neat post office boxes eh? Do they have these in Ontario too?

Our Sea Bus about to arrive and a airplane heading to Victoria. This is looking towards North Vancouver, where the Sea Bus drops us off and then we catch a bus, which takes us to a block and a half to home.

We did have lunch before coming home at a Steamworks, a nice restaurant.





The “SAILS”, or CANADA PLACE. The lights on the SAILS, fade and change colour at night and I can see them while laying in bed at night.


The SAILS during the day and at night.

The cruise ships in to help for accommodations during the Games.

Another SEA BUS, meeting us to pick up another load of passengers, and a view inside the bus.

P1080529 new lighting of the sails

P1080558P1080548 P1080563 P1080562

This is where we are heading once off the bus…to West Vancouver, on the far side of the Lion’s Gate Bridge.

P1080551 P1080537 P1080538 P1080565

These two “MASCOT’S of the game, I forgot to include, but on the bus home, a man wearing this hat gave me a chuckle. I wonder where this place is. Do they sell them, trade them, adjust them, or are they for hire? Not that I want one, but it got my imagination going, and I know Roxanne is giggling now!!

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