Sunday, February 7, 2010


lights over Vancouver

Sunday in Vancouver and it’s a quiet one for us, however, I imagine there are great crowds in downtown Vancouver. We prefer a quiet, and quite boring Sunday at home.


Tom say’s I’m having a pity party today and so what I ask!! Everyone is entitled to one now and then eh? Come join me…I can’t promise many laughs though! Sometimes, things that seem important, build up and only a day of staying in bed, wishing the world would go away is the prescription the doctor orders!

The picture of the lights are Vancouver’s newest little tourist attraction. They are very pretty and we can see them quite well from our place in West Vancouver. They move constantly through the night-time sky.

The weather continues to be mild and the snow  on Grouse mountain is still melting and so snow is being trucked and brought in by helicopters , for a good snow base over top of bale after bale of brought in hay!


Meanwhile, the flowers are starting to come up, the daffodils have poked through the earth, and the tree’s don’t know if they should bloom or not! There are buds on some of the flowering bushes.


Tom is watching the Super Bowl on TV and I just can’t understand what the whole thing is all about, but, what I do know is the ball is made of pigskin..Wow…I’m a wonder!! The players have nice rear ends…I don’t mean a football term, I mean nice bums in those tight pants, but I wonder why they have to all jump on each other…is it a sexual thing?? I don’t get it!!! Looks mighty dangerous to me!!

I’m reminded there is a TV in the bedroom, if I don’t want to watch this, but how can I continue the long face to it’s best effect, from in there!! So, I sit here with both corners of my mouth turned south! It’s my pity party after all!!!

I do have some terrible news, that came this morning and is very upsetting which has contributed greatly to my mood.  My beautiful cousin Rosemary passed away with lung cancer. It was horribly fast, and discovered just about Christmas time. Her husband Peter had called through the night, and I noticed the phone message flashing when I got up, but didn’t hear the phone ring. She passed away at 4am, Ontario time Feb. 7/2010

She will be missed!!

To Peter and all her family and those who loved her.


So, that’s the news from here. I hope everyone has had a better Sunday then I have, but we can’t win ‘em all eh?



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