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This blog is called Linda’s Rambling’s and Other Things, so I’m mixing up things and just rambling today!

We have a neighborhood skunk, and each night even all though the winter, we get this skunky aroma drifting up to our floor and I have to admit, you have to be a little weird to like that smell, but I do! I don’t like it up close, but just a faint aroma is just nice, because I know something wild is out there and I’m safe!

Today was another beautiful day in Vancouver, and I guess the cold weather is behind us now.  We still haven’t got all our clocks turned back yet, which is a job, both Tom and I hate doing, so they may stay that way until who knows when! I wonder how many clocks we have anyway. We have just as many telephones in our small place as well and then shout at each other to pick up the phone!!

Here are a few more photo’s of the past few days, taken on our walk.


P1090263 P1090265

I didn’t know I had the pictures lined up so perfectly, in the first two shots, but this is the view from our dining room patio door. Too bad I couldn’t figure out how to make it all one pictures and I suppose I could figure out it I wanted to spend all that time doing it, but if you lay these pictures all in one stretch, and add the one a little further that I didn’t take, you could make out a lady laying down. It’s quite easy to pick out, but hard from these pictures. Don’t forget you can click the smaller ones to view them larger.

Beautiful isn’t it?


Everything is in bloom or about to burst into bloom here!


The aroma as you walk down the streets is so lovely. Not so nice with people with allergies!


P1090270 P1090272 P1090271



We walked over this lovely little bridge with a babbling brook running underneath. A beautiful sound too!

Take a look at all those ferns growing beside the water.

These little waterways come all the way from the fish hatchery, and make their way to the sea.


P1090285 P1090286 P1090287

It had started to sprinkle rain and the wind was blowing gently and the petals from this tree was falling on the road like pink confetti.I tried to catch them blowing, but only managed to see them on the ground!


HONK, HONK!!P1090130This was another day, and a drive through a park ground looking for a washroom. We found one, along with many people camping!


P1090183 P1090176 P1090232 P1090188


Below: The tide is out!

Sun on water


See you next time!!

Au Revoir

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