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marijuana-leafStory and pictures by Andrew Woo, from the Vancouver Sun Newspaper

free joints

VANCOUVER - Thousands of marijuana enthusiasts flooded the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery for the annual 420 stoner celebration Tuesday despite grey skies and drizzling rain.

"It's nice to have so many of us here," said Sasha Guindon, who has attended the pro-pot gathering for several years. "Cops can't really do anything because there are so many of us here. It's like a union."

More than 3,000 people, most appearing to be in their early 20s, filled the art gallery lawn by late afternoon. Vendors openly peddled everything from rolled joints, pot brownies and glass pipes to chocolate chip cookies, beaded necklaces and water. The smell of hotdogs — coming from at least three hotdog vendors on the property — wafted through the air, mixing with plumes of marijuana smoke.

Police presence was at a minimum, with officers mostly directing traffic.

Well, only in Vancouver eh? I didn’t take these pictures, as there was no way I was going to this party! However, I’ll show you some pictures from the newspaper. The one above shows someone throwing marijuana joints out to the crowd.

Below, someone smoking a pipe! Selling it openly and a few of the thousands gathered!

What is the world coming to???


marijuana braceletCANADA/ pot

Also, yesterday in the news, the city is banning ANY type of smoking on Vancouver beaches, and today, a Vancouver police man was arrested for dealing marijuana.

Does all this seem weird to you? Different rules for everyone?

Anyway, I’m not a very political person and most times, don’t have any idea what the heck I’m talking about, but, just wanted to show you life in Vancouver!!

Back to our walks, along the shore yesterday!


While I was walking along, I could hear this little dog whining and digging in the sand, trying very hard to dig out this huge big stick. I watched him tug and pull, and finally…success!! He was so proud lugging it down the beach and wouldn’t let go at all!!

P1090834The ducks where still doing their thing, the turtles we’re sharing their log and the crane looked like the Old Nessy! Nothing much different down there, but always a fun place to go! 

P1090841-1 P1090847 P1090830-1

Today, Tom went to his dentist, way over on the other side of Vancouver, that he’s been going to for 30 years, and he’s very loyal and wouldn’t hear of my suggestion, that he change to my dentist, directly across the street! But, it gave us a little outing, and we went to a fantastic garden center, but not as nice as the one I showed you the other day, with the elephant! But we had a nice little lunch there and then went to pick up over a hundred dollars of  coffee from the industrial center where they sell those little K-cups for our Kroeg coffee maker. It’s expensive, but we love it, and love going there! Nice people!!

I took some pictures and will show you them tomorrow. I’m too lazy to download them from the camera, so I’ll be back tomorrow!

Update on Doug…one of all the knuckles broke on one hand, has one that is out of place, and now he has to see a bone specialist so it can be set, before a cast can be put on, and I think poor Doug is going to be in for long time with a cast and then therapy after!!

Hang in there Kiddo!!

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