Thursday, April 22, 2010



In Autumn, I love to drag my feet, walking over newly fallen leaves as it brings back days of my youth, and now in my old age, I love to shuffle though the beautiful fallen, and perfumed smell of the Japanese crab trees fallen petals

The streets look like it’s been snowing only instead of white, it’s all pink and so pretty! 

I love the pedals falling around me and I smile and imagine myself a bride with someone throwing flower petals as I walk down the street! Quite an imagination eh?

My feeble attempt at being poetic!!!

P1090858 P1090873  P1090874

Yesterday, on the news, they interviewed a few people on the street as to if they liked the flowers falling around them, and one old fellow, was quite indignant that the city should be keeping these “damn” streets clean!! What a grump!!!!

Yesterday, I went with Tom to his dentist, and he stopped at this park where I’d always wanted a picture of this lovely statue. It’s in Central Park in Burnaby.


This is what the statue was all about, and very nice at that!!!

P10908631 P10908661 P10908651



So, that’s about all I have for doing a blog today!! Some days the pickin’s are thin!!

Today, we just went for our walk to the Library, where I took another armful of books home. The heck with housework…I have work to do, just reading all these books!!

So with that….I’m off to make dinner. Byeeeee


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