Friday, April 2, 2010


Let’s not forget the REAL meaning of Easter!

Good Friday


On a MUCH lighter note!easterdivider25


I found this little cartoon on the Internet, and it made me chuckle, but then I had to give some consideration as to showing it on here. But after some thought, and wondering if God has a sense of humour, I had to believe that YES HE DOES!!


It’s not that bad is it?? The picture below, gave me a chuckle too!! Must be the mood I’m in!

The weather is terrible out and being cooped up is driving me nuts, I suppose!



We’ve had windy, cold and unpredictable weather the past few days. Everything from hail, sunshine, rain, rainbows and a whole lot of wind!

However, before the storm began, we managed to get out and have our walk before the dark clouds rolled in.

This was taken at Park and Tilford, which is a lovely garden in the middle of a shopping center.


P1090427 P1090428 P1090429 P1090430 P1090431



P1090434 P1090439 P1090438

Look at those storm clouds moving in! Beautiful to look at, but what they bring?

This is our walk along Ambleside beach.




Straight up from the pier is where we live in Ambleside, BC



Only one smart turtle out getting the last of the warm sun we will see for a few days!



P1090441 P1090442

Time to head for home, those clouds are getting pretty dark and the wind is picking up!! It’s snowing up on this mountain.

As we walk home, we check out the swans and ducks.


The old forest and the new beginnings.

P1090464  I don’t have any Easter decorations out this year. I think I accidently threw them out!! No chocolate this year either as I’m being kind to my kidneys!

I’m sure the Easter bunny will visit Tom though. He’s been such a good boy!

This morning, we had a lovely surprise visit when Tom’s Granddaughter Heather and husband Kevin and their little boy Byron came for lunch.

We had a laugh at this picture when Tom was having a difficult time placing one puzzle piece in a simple little puzzle for a 1 year old!


P1090471-1 Heather……a lovely girl!!

Heather Our Easter thoughts are with all of you this weekend, and I hope it’s a lovely family time for everyone.


Easter happy weekend

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