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I’m hobbling around with a very couple of sore toes! About 2 weeks ago, I stubbed the toe beside my big toe by slamming it into the door frame.The air around me was blue with some very choice words. Now, that was stupid enough! But the REALLY stupid part comes next!

It was beginning to heal somewhat, and I could wear my closed toe shoes again. But, coming in the same door and barefoot again,I did the very same thing by not lifting my foot high enough to clear the door frame and broke the toe beside the one already broke!

Is that not stupidity??

my woes

Today, I taped the big toe, and the two beside it together and tried walking with my runner’s on and it worked really well. No pain! When I got home, I removed my shoe and oh boy…what pain! One minute though it seems fine and then all of a sudden, just sitting here with my feet up, I get searing pain though them all. Even the blankets at night sometimes hurt.

I think I should be in the hospital…..well… feels like I should!!

Has anyone been watching the live cam of the eagle nest at Hornby Island, BC?

I’ve become addicted to it as it’s fascinating to watch the interaction between the mother and father eagle and their one little baby that is growing so quickly! Apparently the parents are 28 years old, and mate for life and return to the same nest every year. If you are interested, go to the site and when it loads, click on the little square box that turns solid white and it will go to full screen. Every now and then, the view will change from close-up to further away.

The baby eagle has quite an appetite, and apparently it’s the father that feeds it. But after watching them for awhile, you begin to almost see their “personalities” come out!

We also have a pet crow! I hate crow’s or starlings and this “pet” thing started quite unplanned. I don’t know if it’s a crow or starling, but we’ve named him Jack. He’s become comfortable with me coming fairly close to him now, and he will come and looks in the window where I sit, waiting for me to come feed him.

I just tried to find a picture in my file to put on there, and as I looked he came and looked in, but I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough, so next time, I’ll have it ready….just in case you haven’t seen a big ugly crow before!!!


Big wind storm going on here tonight! It’s raining and blowing out there. I better go check the eagles and see how they do in a storm.

Bye for now!


  1. I just have to tell you. I love the web cam of the eagles. I sent it out to several people for them to enjoy. The following is a response I received from one person...I just had to write back to you and tell you what has just happened here.
    I was quietly reading e-mails and started thinking of ice cream so went downstairs and
    asked Nick if he wanted one. Well I stayed down there and talked to Nick about 10 minutes
    before we came up and he went and got a cone. As we were walking through the kitchen we
    heard what sounded like a bird squacking and we looked all over. It stopped so we thought maybe the cockcoo clock
    or whatever. As I'm walking to the living room to sit with my icecream cone it really starting squacking again and
    I turned yelled for Nick and ran into the bathroom and shut the door behind me because my heart was pounding out
    of my chest. Nick is saying , You had the door open for too long this afternoon. It must have come in then.
    Nick went outside to get a bushel or box that he could throw over this bird that is by the computer somewhere.
    As I'm cowering in the bathroom waiting for this bird to be caught, it dawned on me. By the computer? HHHMMMM I recall reading
    and clicking on something about a webcam and eagles as I was heading down for the ice cream. Stopped Nick just
    as he was coming into the living room with a big box. Wouldn't that look good, Nick attacking the eagle that is on the webcam .
    Who says Old People can't have any fun........Anyway, things have calmed down now, he's gone downstairs shaking his head and I'm back at the computer, heart pounding quite normally again. Can't Believe it...It only gets better from here on...

    Take care of those poor toes, and keep on blogging.

    xxoo Sandy

  2. Sandy, I REALLY enjoyed this comment and I've also just found out that I can reply to a comment!
    I'm sure glad everyone has days like this and I'm not alone in my crazyness. What a good laugh both Tom and I had when we read this.
    The Eagle cam is very interesting isn't it. I put it on full screen and enjoy watching it. They do get chirping at one another at times. I think the female is always bawling out the male, but I could be wrong. Just thinking it more being men and all!! Linda


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