Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Home to Ontario
High over the Rockies, and what a beautiful sight from a plane.

Across Canada at 35,000 ft up!

I have many pictures to show you from the two weeks spent in Ontario, but will have to spread them over a few days. I spent a week in Belleville where my children and friends live, and then to St. Catharines where my Sister and also my Brother's family and Aunts and Uncles live.

I've always been showing lovely places we have been in Vancouver on the blog, but being home in Ontario, reminded me how beautiful it is also and of the many things you so easily forget, that make certain things in one's life so precious. Now, don't forget, I now live in the city, so these little things that may seem so mundane, are the things I miss. I love seeing clothes flapping on clotheslines in the warm sun, I actually miss seeing bug splattered windshields, I miss the countryside, the animals in the fields and so much more. Here's a few things I missed and was a treat to see again.

A beautiful field of wildflowers.

A beautiful farm

A field of corn as high as an elephants eye!

Apple Country!

Square bales of fresh hay...note: especially to those who I say this to constantly and they would like strangle me every time I say this.."square bales are better then round bales so the cow's get a good square meal!" 

Now how lovely is a full moon, although we have them here as often as Ontario, but this one was spectacular!

Looks like snow on the side of the road! Country roads, take me home...
More tomorrow, when I get off the wonder's of Ontario!

See you soon!

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