Saturday, August 7, 2010


I'm already starting to lose track of what day it mind you know!
The workers have arrived and things are moving along.

Roxanne is having a hard time to raise and shine.

Our bedrooms downstairs with comfy beds.

Lisa has to go to work this morning, so we are moving slow.

Lunch at Boston Pizza...mmmm looks good!
Hurry up and take the pictures, Matt and I are hungry!

We are to meet my other little beauty, Erin, my youngest daughter at 3pm, so I'm getting excited to see her!
We don't get to see my granddaughters until later in the week when the arrive home from Ottawa.

This is how Erin scoots around! I'd love one of these bikes!

We will see more of Erin later. Right now, we are worn out and heading home.
I think we went to our bedrooms shown below, for a little lay down. This holidaying is exhausting!
Note the lamp!

This is the downstairs, the  entertainment room. The screen pulls down for movies. The cabinet on the right is a sauna, but I think Lisa said an infrared sauna (not sure about this),
A fireplace on the left, and a big leather sectional couch not showing. The bathroom, bedrooms and storage all down here, with two double doors leading out to a covered deck. I'll show a better picture later.
Meet Bailey, Mike and Lisa's other dog. What a gentle giant he is!
Beautiful animal!!
Oops, guess who we found in the hot tub..Brad and Shelby.
Next morning, Lisa's breathing problem had returned and she stayed in bed. We were off to meet some great friends for breakfast.
Below, are two of my most wonderful friends, John and Eva. A wonderful couple!!
John is a very talented person with an amazing personality and sense of humour and Eva the most generous and fantastic cook I've ever seen! I love them dearly!!
Beautiful Norma, another best friend. We worked together for many years, and laughed ourselves silly through those years. Many good times. She's been my confident and has had a great ability to calm me during some bad times.
This is Lynn, another wonderful friend. (I've been blessed with some very special people in my life!) Lynn is another one with a great sense of humour, but hanging out with me, you'd have to have one!! We also worked close together for about 5 years, and ohhh, do we have the stories to tell about those years!!! Deny, deny, deny, was our motto!!
On the right is Betty, who I call Betty Boop! I've known BB since I was about 12 years old. Childhood friends, who found ourselves in Belleville years later. She's my yard sale friend, and you've never seen a on the go person!!
On the left is her friend that she brought along for breakfast, and her name was on the tip of my tongue a second ago, but it's gone now. A very nice person and glad to have her join us.
Roxanne, my sister. Sorry Sam, the window behind didn't do you justice!!
Wonderful friends with full bellies!!

So the other part of the day to follow, when we meet Farmer Tom!

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