Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is Farmer Tom who we met, when doing a U-turn in the road, and I happened to notice sheep in the field and right away, I thought of pictures! So yelled STOP!!  Farmer Tom was gracious enough to let us in his fence and we had fun looking at everything.

Tom told us these two quackers on the other side of the fence (below) behave like watch dogs. They don't allow anyone near the fence without making a fuss. Boy, they sure did!!

What a racket!!!

I love these sheep pictures
This fellow could scare away intruders with that look!
Below..the llama keeps the coyotes away from the sheep said Farmer Tom. He never even glanced sideways the whole time we where there! Just frozen in one spot!!
Black Sheep, black sheep, do you have any wool?

See the little black kittens in the doorway?
I wonder if I could sneak this little cat in my suitcase to bring home?

What a skinny cat! Roxanne loves it!
Okay, Okay, we're leaving, you can calm down now!!! Sheesh!!

Home now (Lisa and Mike's)
This is as you drive down the driveway. Two beautiful looking garage doors when closed.
the steps to upstairs apartment is at the far left of the left side door!

Standing on the road, looking down at the house. It's in such a parkland setting.
Stone walkway to the house is done, new steps left to do as well as sod put down. I'm sure when I go home next year, everything will look different and beautiful.
Roxanne is tired and Trixie is so happy to see her.
Lisa's not feeling good, but we got her laughing at something!

Stay tuned,more to follow!

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