Friday, August 6, 2010



Is that Roy Orbinson in the back seat??

Good lord, who is that in the front seat?

Three gals on a mission! My grandson was one of the top students featured in a campaign by Loyalist College. His picture was on a big ad on the back of a bus, and on a billboard, and in the newspaper, so we went in search of the bus, but after a visit to the transit station, we we're directed to Loyalist employer for nearly 30 years, so away we went out there.

What a thrill to see this sign again, but I was warned by Lisa and Roxanne, that I had to hurry and not get chatting to everyone. Just see if I could get a poster and get right out again.
This is my friend Lynn, who I worked in the LIbrary with for a few years, before moving to the Health Centre. She was frantically trying to contact the correct person to get a copy of the poster.

Oop's, didn't get far, before a few more friends spotted me in the hallway, so we had to have a wee gab fest, and a picture, before I got a text message from the girls in the car outside in the hot sun waiting for me to HURRY UP, IT'S HOT OUT HERE!!!
L-R is Cathy, Sandy, me and Dianne
Away we go!

Into Belleville, lunch, shopping and home again.

Belleville City Hall
Bay of Quinte and tour boat. I once lived on the far my other life!
Relaxing before another delicious dinner.
Yahooo, the hot tub is ready and I'm the first one to break it in!!
Lisa, Erica and Brad soon followed. Relaxing!!!!
Matt and beautiful Erica
Another wonderful day, as we sat around comparing the shape of toes!! Time to go to bed.

Yup...time to go to bed!!
I'll show you tomorrow later.

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