Sunday, August 8, 2010


We leave behind country roads and head out onto the busy 401 highway, with the traffic heavy and huge trucks whizzing past us at great speeds it seems.
We make a pit stop near Oshawa and pull off for a Tim's coffee, until we spotted Tim Horton's new addition called "Stone Cold" ice cream! An ice cream counter with delicious flavours, and fancy little waffle cups. So much for the coffee! It's been years since I had a milk shake, so ordered a vanilla one and oh lordy was it ever good!! They put so many scoops in that blender, I thought she'd never stop scooping. It tasted like the milk shakes of my youth...absolutely delicious!! However, by the time I was finished I decided to swear off milkshakes for another 20 years. I was so full of milk and suffering from a tummy  ache!
Onward ho!

Before we left Belleville ,I should have shown this first...but, we stopped at one of our favourite last stops  before leaving Belleville, and that is "The Taste Of Country", a fantastic huge store that has everything from frozen food to gifts, and fresh baked and delicious desserts. Roxanne always stops there and buys their delicious cherry bread. Chuck full of cherries and so delicious. Also their butter tarts!! If you ever go to Belleville, make sure you pull off at Exit 62 north and go down Maitland Dr. a short drive.
You won't regret it and I think I should get a free loaf of cherry bread next time I'm in town for this free advertising!!!
While Roxanne was inside the store, I was outside trying to keep down my breakfast, but that's another story!! You don't want to hear it!! But, I liked this view so snapped a picture. Pretty, isn't it!

Roxanne's lovely home.

So welcoming looking and so pretty with her green thumb ability.

So many little accents and surprises as you walk around

Part of her back patio

Awww, Roxanne wiping Kass's face with a washcloth after he cut the lawn! 
Now is that love eh?

That big bush is a butterfly bush (below) and it attracts scads of butterflies and bees.
 Very pretty!

The gardener at work!

This is Purple, cat # 1
Cat # 2 is Sophie

Cat # 3 is Desi

The boss of all the cats is the dog and smallest of them all, but mighty in spirit is TJ
(with a bad haircut!)

A lovely huge deck!
Purple has many favourite spots to sleep.

So do the other pets!

Sometimes there's a little traffic jam!

I took so many outdoor lovely pictures, and I wish I could show them all here , but onward to my visit.
When we arrived Kass had a delicious roast beef dinner all prepared for us, and man oh man was it delicious!! Mashed potato's too!!Ne

Next day, another delicious dinner, when my brother Mike and my sister-in law Wanda, and my Aunt Irene came over for dinner.
Only three of us left now!
And one for good luck!
There was a beautiful full moon and Kass and I we're trying to do trick photography, but back to the drawing board on that trick!
Inside of Roxanne's house. By the way..this house is for sale, but not on the market as yet! Any takers??
Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, eat in kitchen, living room, family room, full basement, with laundry room and everything very lovely! Nice neighbourhood with fabulous neighbours. I think Roxanne is nuts to sale, she has other plans.
Very large family room, but I never took a very good picture of it! Patio door to outside. This only show's half of the room.

Okay, enough of Roxanne's house and tomorrow, more of my visit!!!
Is anyone looking at this???  Comments anyone, or maybe a welcome home???

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